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Oct 18, 2007 01:43 PM

Most Romantic Restaurants in T.O.?

I am a hopeless romantic. And there is nothing I love more than treating my wife to a great meal. We have had a few great eats and fun nights (kitkat2 springs to mind.) but i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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  1. Hey, BritinCan, are you writing a book, LOL

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    1. re: pescatarian

      No I just love food and am relativly new to the city. I used to be all about the clubs and bars but now my tastes are maturing. i have been so caught up with work and the likes that i dont get time to explore and try new things. So now I have found this site I just wanted to find out what other people might recomend. there is nothing worse than looking forward to going out and then ending up somewhere awfull.

      1. re: BritinCan

        of course, welcome to the city. you would do better to search existing threads to find good recommendations for fine dining or hidden gems in Toronto (both could be considered romantic). To me "best/most romantic" seems specifically geared towards a guidebook, along with other "best ofs"

    2. Interiors:
      Auberge du Pommier
      Corner House
      Courtyard Cafe
      Bistro 990 (if not busy, since tables are somewhat close together)
      Mildred Pierce (R.I.P.)

      360 (I know, tourist trap, but it has one of the best views in town!)

      Of course, being romantic can have many definitions -- maybe you want oysters (can't think of a "quiet" oyster bar), foods that you can feed each other by hand (Ethiopian House), or great live music (some nights at the Courthouse, Alleycatz but can get pretty loud, or even the Rex!).

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      1. re: jinxed

        I would add Scaramouche to the great-views list -- definitely the best food-view-service combination, though Canoe's is more spectacular and 360's is, well, higher and more comprehensive.

        To the rest of your list I would add: Globe Bistro, Batifole, and if you like the ersatz Parisian thing, Le Select.

        1. re: estragon

          I love Le Select's hanging bread baskets although I haven't been there for years. However, I would add this place on the homy/village feel list, but not on the "hopeless romantic" list.

          1. re: chutchut

            The hanging bread baskets are long gone, left behind at the Queen St. location. Le Select is now on Wellington, where the owners have built a creditable imitation of an early-20th-century Parisian bistro.

            1. re: estragon

              O-oh! I feel like a dead man walking. Going forward, I'd better hush on the ones that I haven't frequented for a while.

              I'll go checking out the new Le Select and the old Le Select spot. Thanks for the update!

              1. re: chutchut

                Went to the new Le Select. The food is good but the atmosphere is not romantic. More corporate than that.

          2. re: estragon

            Oh Scaramouche - I definitely second this. I went here with my SO and it was such a lovely experience. Perfect professional service and unparalleled food, IMHO.
            You can find my recent review on this board.
            Welcome to the city!

            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              I think i will try this one as soon as i can as it looks like it has a fabulous view. Thanks for the tip.

            2. re: estragon

              I'd rather have the view across/beside me at the table be great. That's what romance is about.

              Agree on Auberge du Pommier and Globe Bistro.

            3. re: jinxed

              For the romantic, warm ambience and great food and service, second on Auberge du Pommier. NO to Courtyard Café, Bistro 990, 360, and Canoe. Also, I personally think that it's romantic to dine out at good sushi and oyster places. Haven't been to Splendido and Corner House yet.

            4. - Amuse-Bouche is lovely
              - Gamelle on College Street is a pretty little bistro
              - Sopra Supper Club is kinda sexy

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              1. re: Rabbit

                Cant wait to try sopra, it looks devine!!

                1. re: BritinCan

                  I went once to Bravi on Wellington and had a wonderful meal. My husband and I noticed that there was one table that was in the old freight elevator. The couple who reserved it slid the door shut then went up to the second floor to eat (or whatever) in peace... we've always wanted to go back and do that reservation. As an appetizer we split the portbello mushroom with balsamic and dripped chocklate.. incredible, and followed with the veal special... amazing. I would highly reccomend this place with or without the dissapearing table.


              2. Joso's -- upbeat romantic, plus there is porn everywhere on the walls... but tasteful porn :)