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Oct 18, 2007 01:17 PM

Help! My first visit to Pike Place Market.

I'll be there next week and it will be my very first stop on my vacation. What's not to miss? Looking for some good prepared foods/lunch, but also any other items that I should pack in the cooler for the rest of my trip. Anything else in the immediate area for a relatively inexpensive, but uniquely Seattle experience?

What is unique to the area that might be good to bring home to friends and family?

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  1. Maybe some huckleberry or marionberry jam and smoked northwest salmon would be good food gifts for your friends and family back home? I like stopping by the Beecher's cheese store (I don't honestly know if that is unique to Seattle), get some Dungeness Crab, watch the fish guys do their thing, browse the Native American crafts and artwork, there are lots of fabulous northwest-centered restaurants in the market... just search through these boards and you will get numerous suggestions! Have fun!

    1. Go to the first starbucks ever there in the Pike market. dunno if the coffee is any better but the experience is pretty cool + all those people are ordering their drinks very specifically is entertaining.

      I enjoyed the donut vendor near the entrance of the pike market...also the fruit rolls.

      They also do some decent baked ham bao (sio pao) at one of the chinese restaurants there.

      1. 1. Daily Dozen Doughnut Company, 93 Pike Street, Suite 7, Seattle, WA 98101-2052. --There is a serpentine queue for the mini doughnuts on weekends, so get in the line as fast as U can.
        2. Matt's in the market - nice lunch place.
        3. There is a Mediterranean shop for schwarma's and other goodies and the food there is great too. You can get it to go and walk around pike's. (Sorry, I don't remember the name- It is on the same strip as Le Panier).
        4. Le Panier - is my favorite French bakery, anything that looks good, tastes good.
        5. Piroshky, Piroshky – for Russian goodies. (Anthony Bourdain was here for his NW segment of No Reservations). The Piroshky is not so great IMHO, but it is a good eat nevertheless.
        6. Uli's Sausages - the best in town
        7. The original starbucks store.

        You can check out this link too....

        Hope this helps. Let us know about the places you enjoyed. Have a great trip.

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          I can always spend a bunch of money at DeLaurenti--on cheese, or sliced meats, or wine, or any of a hundred other exotic goodies. They're a great place to pick up ingredients for a picnic lunch, or to take back to your hotel for later. My other favorite lunches at the Market are curry beef buns at Mee Sum Pastry, mac and cheese at Beecher's, or a grilled sausage from Uli's.

          Good stuff to take back to the folks at home could include smoked salmon (any of several Market vendors), Chukar Cherries (their stall is near the middle of the Main Arcade), dried apple chips (from the stall near the pig, across from the fish-throwing guys), hazelnuts (there is usually a vendor in the day stalls in the north end of the Main Arcade), or Washington wine (DeLaurenti, Pike and Western Wine Shop, or the Tasting Room on Post Alley). The day stalls are usually good for other local goodies--honey, preserves, beef jerky, and other items, depending on who's there that day.

          Try to get down into the Underground part of the Market, below the level of Pike Place under the Main Arcade. They don't have much food down there, but it's full of odd, funky, unique little shops that help give the place its personality. Most tourists miss this part of the Market on their first visit.

          If you really want to experience the Market, take a tour. The Market Foundation offers Market Heritage Tours Wednesday - Saturday mornings--see For a slightly different view of the Market, its history, and its apparently-permanent residents, there's also a Pike Place Market Ghost Tour

          is a post I did once, but google "mrnelso pike place" for others
          And, since one of my specialties is inexpensive and I'm not shy, just click on mrnelso wherever you find it on chowhound to browse many comments about Pike Place places and other reasonable eats.

          1. There have been a number of pretty detailed threads on the Pike Place Market in the last six months or so; do a search for some more ideas. Enjoy the market!