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Oct 18, 2007 01:11 PM

NY Noodle Town, tables for 8?

Does anybody know if NY Noodle town could likely seat 8 people? I've been wanting to try it and am thinking of taking my visiting family there next weekend, but wanted to find out how cramped the space is first...

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  1. I believe they have a few round tables there that would seat 8.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      IMHO. It is very busy @ NY Noodletown over the weekend, as in all of chinatown, both with non-Chinese visitors and the many Chinese people who come in to shop, eat, visit. If your family are used to fast-paced, non-amenities, delicious eating in a place that doesn't have what non-Chinese would call a warm welcome, it could work. Personally, though I am rather used to this, I don't go to small Chinatown restaurants on the weekend.

      1. re: yebo

        I agree, Its going to be fast paced and not ideal for a slow leisurely meal and chat afterwards. Its a noodle shop.

    2. Yes there are large tables.

      1. I was there last night at about 8:00. There are three or four large round tables in the center of the (small) restaurant. You would have been able to get one pretty quickly last night, but that wasn't the weekend. I also agree that it is not a sit and linge type of place. The food comes out pretty quickly and there is a pretty fast turnover of tables.

        1. The short answer is yes. My recommendation is to go to Yeah Shanghai (they accept reservations) and order a set banquet menu. For $20-$25 per person everyone will have one of the more memorable meals of their lives.