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Oct 18, 2007 01:03 PM

Short Visit to SF

My wife and I are in SF for 5 days soon and want to make sure we won't be disappointed with our dining selections. This is our list as of today. Any comments would be appreciated.

day 1 - Slanted Door - Dinner
day 2 - Foreign Cinema - Diinner
day 3 - Redd or Cafe Jeanty - Lunch
day 3 - Dinner - I was going to go to the Stinking Rose for the novelty but reading some of the comment here and elsewhere I am rethinking that choice. Any suggestions?
day 4 - Gary Danko - Dinner
day 5 - Breakfast at the Cliff House and then back to NJ and the GYM!!

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  1. Do not go to Stinking Rose! If you want to eat in North Beach, try Rose Pistola or Tomasso for Italian or my favorite, The House.

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    1. re: tvham

      Why Foreign Cinema? Here are my suggestions:

      day 1 - Slanted Door - Dinner
      day 2 - Range - Dinner
      day 3 - Bistro Jeanty - Lunch
      day 3 - ("novelty") Piperade, or Jai Yun, Ame, or Coi
      day 4 - Gary Danko - Dinner
      day 5 - Breakfast at the Cliff House and then back to NJ and the GYM!! (good surroundings)

      1. re: Paul H

        If you can get it, Range over Foreign Cinema is a call I'd make any day. But, Foreign Cinema is enjoyable in it's own right. If you dump the Stinking Rose, you could do both of the above.

    2. Agree on skipping the Stinking Rose. Its an Italian version of TGIF. Go to Perbacco instead.

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      1. re: SFguy

        I just want to find somewhere on the coast for our last breakfast. I read bad and good on Cliff House and thought I give it a shot. Any suggestions for breakfast in that general area? Thanks

        1. re: TJ Hare

          what day of the week would you like breakfast?
          plain or fancy?

          1. re: steve h.

            It would be a Wednesday. Plain would be good, someplace with good coffee.

      2. why cliff house? the food is nowhere near that of most of your other selections.

        1. I'd fill that Day 3 dinner in, instead of Stinking Rose, with some of the Cal-Italian food that San Francisco does so well. Try for a place like Delfina, A-16, or Incanto; see where you can get reservations, and check online for their menus.