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Delicata Squash - Winter squash help!

I keep getting winter squash from my vegetable delivery service and I am running out of things to do with it! I have roasted butternut and acorn squash and cubed some to freeze in the past couple of weeks. Today, I got two delicata squash. What can I do with it besides just roast/bake it? Should I stuff it? Does anyone have a recipe?

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  1. I have some sort of squash (which I have to admit, I bought because it was cheap and have no idea if it is even a squash or a pumpkin) that I plan to make two soups out of tonite.

    The first one I am going to make a miso soup base, then boil the squash in it, blend the whole thing and garnish it with flecks of wasabi.

    The second one I am going to sautee in cubes with some habanero peppers and then blend up --this gives the soup a rougher texture because of the sauteeing, and a lot spice. I'm speratley blending up a pile of tomatillos, and am going to swirl those into the soup at serving so it is a little bit of color.

    Appearently I was having green and orange inspiration tonite....Halloween is in the air?

    1. I ran into a man at our local coop who was buying tons of delicata squash. Turns out he was cooking them for an event. He said he was going to stuff them with a wild rice mixture. He was going to dress that with mint maple syrup. (Maple syrup heated up with mint leaves steeped in it.) He said he sometimes uses barley or quinoa for stuffings. I would imagine lots of good veggies could go in that. Another thing he said is that delicata is one of the few squash with edible skins. He washes them and rubs the skins with oil and bakes the stuffed squash that way. Haven't tried these yet, but thought this might help.

      1. Steam and puree, and use in pumpkin bread (about 1cup/loaf)

        A Latin style dish is to simmer cubes of squash in a rich brown sugar syrup, and serve as dessert with fresh cheese.


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          I used delicata squash in this wonderful Autumn Minestrone. This soup was beautiful to look at and so delicious.


        2. Winter squash makes fine pasta sauce and ravioli filling. My wife loves it roasted and served over rice with yogurt.

          1. Since you can eat the skins of delicata, I often use it in stir fry.

            Google recipes that call for Thai pumpkin, it works wonderfully in these types of dishes. My favorite squash by far.

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              I'm in love with Jamie Oliver's roasted squash. We have it at least once a week.

              It's just squash (butternut, delicata, kabocha, etc.) cut into wedges or large chunks (skin on).

              An herb/spice mixture is then painted on and they're roasted in a hot oven (400 deg) for about 20 minutes (depending on how big the chunks/wedges are).

              The rub is coriander seeds, oregano, fennel seeds, chili flakes, s&p, and I always add a teaspoon of cumin to this mix. Whir all in a spice grinder, add some squashed garlic and olive oil. Mix and paint onto squash. It's heavenly.

            2. I add it to the fruit portion of this recipe: http://eatingwell.com/recipes/roasted...
              If you make it, do use the vanilla bean. I don't use the pork portion of the recipe, but the plum is wonderful. I also often simmer the delicata in coconut milk.

              1. Delicata squash is great stuffed! Halve them lengthwise, seed them, and bake in the oven (cut sides down w/ a little water in the bottom of pan and covered w/ foil) until they're soft. Scoop out the flesh and put it in a bowl. Keep shells to stuff. Then just sautee a bunch of veggies--onions, garlic, whatever else you need to use up, and mix it in with the squash. You need to add something to make it a little more substantial...I usually use couscous or quinoa or rice. But if you don't want to add a grain, you can add some sausage to your sautee...that's my favorite way. Mix it all up, taste your filling (since everything is cooked you can really taste & adjust seasonings). Then put it back in the shells, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and bake for 15 minutes or so until it is all heated through. It's easy and I make it a different way every time depending on what I have.

                1. Delicata is one of my favorite types of squash and since you can eat the skin, so easy to prepare.

                  I generally wash it, cut in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and then slice 1/4 inch half circles. This goes into a small roasting pans with olive oil, salt, pepper, thinly sliced onion and maybe a chili or two. Herbs are good here as well. Cover with parchment and roast until tender. Very delicious and so quick.
                  You could add some roasted tomato near the end, or maybe some indian spices to take it in a completely different direction. Thinly sliced lemon(Meyer's are just coming out here in Ca.)is a nice addition too, add it from the start of roasting and they'll get all tender and delicious.