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Oct 18, 2007 12:51 PM

Located in Fremont despite efforts to not be...

and loving it! Really... we didn't want to live here because it was too trendy/hip/artsy/seattle for us graduated girls from WWU and CWU- but we were so wrong. Been to Brew Haha, Soap Box derby, Sunday Market, etc.- so great! Now that I am here- WHERE and WHAT MUST I EAT IN FREMONT? What dishes at the local restaurants are do not miss- unique- your favorites? What Fremont restaurants are the best of their style of cooking or taste? Which are awesome for take out and which have great ambiance and character? I have tried wandering around and making a list of things to remember to return to- but I always blank when I am think of where to eat under pressure. Suggestions, tips, list would be great~ Thanks for helping me compile my must eat at in Fremont list!

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    1. re: dagrassroots

      Paseo absolutely - and defilnitely do it takeout. Sure, you can eat well in the shop, but for maximum effect, get a couple of dinners and plate them up at home. The banquet you will make by creatively plating the components is just a hoot.

    2. In addition to Paseo for... well.. most everything on the menu, Cafe Vita (for coffee), Baguette Box for tasty *other* sandwiches, El Camino for mexican... I enjoyed Norms for generic food...

      Fremont Classic Pizza (or whatever it's called) was tasty, iirc, but wasn't otherworldly.

      1. On a splurge day, Elemental.
        On a pubgrub day, Pacific Inn F&C.
        On a posh day, Le Gourmand.
        35th street bistro for all occasions.
        Happy hour apps at Norm's
        Thai at Chilie's Paste
        Down Leary nearly into Ballard is Senor Moose - oh yes

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        1. re: mrnelso

          I love everything at 35th Street Bistro and could really go for a plate of their frites right now!

          1. re: mrnelso

            Oh man, I forgot Pacific Inn...

            I think Senor Moose is more than 'nearly' into Ballard, it's pretty smack dab into it. Hale's and Mendin's Ravioli Station might be classified as 'nearly' Ballard =) And if you wanted to go that far, I'd say Mendin's, Mike's Chili Parlor, Jolly Roger Tap Room.

            Or, up the hill to Chef Liao or Fresh Flours for a green tea bread and coffee =)

            Oh, can't forget Phinney Chocolate Factory =)

            1. re: jaydeflix

              Late entries:
              OK, so Art of the Table is nearly everything you try to avoid (trendy/hip/artsy/seattle), but I recommend a visit for Happy Monday one day.
              If a more anti-trendy atmosphere is your druther, try Ponti, where happy hour is good and the intention is refined. Ponti escapes designation as Fremont by being across the bridge, but only barely.
              Swingside Cafe is rumored to be leaving, but is worth a visit.
              Don't miss Baguette Box.
              The Fremont Classic is nearly revered as distinctly unhip neighborhood Eyetalian. For Frenchy and hipper, Persimmon is across the street.

          2. Brouwer's, at 35th and Phinney...try the croque monsieur and a bottle of dry Aspall cider.

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            1. re: MsMaryMc

              I love the replies so far! I met the Art of the Table owner at the Wallingford Farmer's Market and he was wonderful. Mentioned that after the dinners people stay around until the wee hours since he finishes up and then joins the group. Liked his style- I subsrcibed to his email and weekly get amazing photos of what was served previously and what the Monday will be. I have been meaning to go to Paseo every day since we moved in and just never make it... Same with Elemetal- I have done my homework regarding that one :)

              So far I have tried:
              Senor Moose- Wonderful Vegatable Rojo Enchilladas
              Fresh Flours- Good coffee- will be back for the quiche
              Mike's Chilli Parlor- Greasy meaty spicy chilli fries and chilli spaghetti made us fans- large portions surprised + it was a different style than we were use to
              Tacos Gauymas- Ehh- ok- had a vegetable burritto- nothing great
              Jolly Rodger Tap Room- Their sliders were great- the jalapeno mayo made our lips burn in a good way!
              Hale's- Great sampler! Food was on par with the Ram
              Kawanjia(sp?) Thai- The yellow curry was tasty and the phai thai enormous but not anything beyond ordinary- seems to be a good take out place
              Nectar for HH- Hard to get noticed by a waiter or the bartender- nachos forgotten
              Norm's- I can't remember what I had and I don't think that that is a good thing- maybe I will try HH?
              Rain- Interesting... sauces on sushi? Still enjoyed the meal though
              Brouwer's- Excellent beer- loved the Christmas in July since meaty dark beers are a favorite but haven't had any food

              Dishes to order at the places suggested?
              Tidbits to know?

              Thanks for you thoughts!

              1. re: natalie.warner

                At Guaymas, grab a seviche tostada. Very nice and cool in summer. I eat carne asada as a habit and theirs is, well, just carne asada, but I can't help myself. They do have a smoky, spicy salsa in the salsa bar that is very good. I asked a staffer there once what it was called, and she said "we just call it 'the best'," and I agree. I go for the whole beans, too.
                For the next stop on your chili tour, I recommend World Class, in the Pike Place Market. It's genuine, so if you are not into true rustic Texas, maybe put it later on the list, but it's closest to the chili I most enjoyed in rural Texas. The Cincinnatti, by the way is far better than the most recommended chili in Cinci, Skyline.
                Vegetable burrito? You got what you deserved, in my opinion. :)
                Fish and Chips at Pacific Inn have a great spicy breading. The oysters, it seems to me, would benefit from that treatment, but they are definitely oysters, and good.
                Norms made their own potato chips, which is a fun gimmick.
                You must met Paseo.

            2. Brunch at the 35th St Bistro--it's good and very reasonably priced. I've heard they have a fantastic cheese plate but haven't tried it. We used to like dinner there, too, it's just been a long time since I've had it.

              Coffee at Lighthouse Roasters-43rd and Fremont.

              I like the steak sandwich and fries at Norm's.

              Happy hour at Ponti is an excellent deal, but it's best (I think) when the weather is warm and you can sit on the deck overlooking the canal.

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              1. re: christy319

                Caffe Vita recently opened at 43rd on Fremont, a few blocks East of Lighthouse Roasters.