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Oct 18, 2007 12:50 PM

Halloween Treats?

Besides the over done/cliche' cupcake thing, Ralphs/Pavilions "cookie cutter" heavily processed cookies and assorted milk duds, snack size pedestrian candy that I can find at any CVS or .99 cents store, who is doing something special in the way of Halloween treats? I am looking for assorted cookies or chocolates that are local. Think on the level of John and Kira's Seasonal Chocolate Ganache filled Fig "Pumpkins", Dancing Deer Cats and Bats Cookies, Vosages Glitter Eye Skulls, etc. Those all all available mail order, great, but I want local fare. There must be something cool like that in this Chowhound mecca!

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    1. May I suggest a "best in class" item from the Enstrom candy company at Specifically, their almond toffee which in addition to 1lb, 2lb and 5lb boxes also comes individually wrapped in "squares", 36 packages to a box, $41.50 + shipping. This almond toffee is their signature item and is the most amazing confection you could possibly eat.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I love Boule but haven't seen anything seasonal there -Clementine has just the cookies, etc. I was looking for.

        1. re: foodforus

          Excellent. Can you offer any further details of what they have? I am also looking for some special Halloween treats!

          1. re: Snoopy

            Go to their site and click on the Halloween Menu. The cookies are cute!

          2. re: foodforus

            that is really weird, the other day there was halloween stuff...

        2. FYI, I saw the Vosges skulls at Alcove Cafe in Los Feliz last week. Joan's on Third also has candy corn and I think some other Halloween treats.

          1. I haven't been for a while but Buttercake Bakery on Pico in West LA usually does seasonal decorations that are usually done well. I particularly recall their petit fours being exceptionally cute for Easter, so much so that my 5-year old daughter didn't want to eat the "Easter Bunny" because "I don't want to hurt her..."