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Need help - dinner in Back Bay tomorrow

My in-laws are arriving tomorrow night and we're trying to make reservations for dinner. They're not very adventurous eaters (i.e. Italian is about as "wild" as it gets) but wouldn't really be happy at a chain either. I've already tried Eastern Standard and Bouchee but they're are booked for reservations. Stephanies is sort of along their lines but we took them there last time they were in town. Any thoughts -- something relatively casual but a couple steps above bar food?

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  1. Why don't you try Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore. Pretty good food, reasonable prices, they definitely have options for the non-adventurous and they take reservations.

    Petit Robert Bistro
    468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

    1. You could venture into the South End too - based on your description maybe Acquitaine would fit your qualifications (my complaint when I have been there is that the food good, but just not quite as "interesting" as it would need to be to make me love it).

      1. PR Bistro may be a bit too adventerous for your inlaws, but good food.
        If you have been to Stephanie's what is stopping you from trying out Sonsie's? I look at them as being one in the same. Bras Jo?

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          PRB is quite French and is probably booked. I just posted about Skipjack's- not a real chain. If the in-laws like fish and seafood it might be Plan B. It's not full of twenty somethings and there is also a limited steak and chicken menu available.
          Have you considered Laurel or is it too casual for you.

        2. why not a Steak House? probably booked too, but that kind of fare is where i usually take my friends that eat on the mild side. i'd suggest Abe and Louie's or Capital Grille. i was at Mortons a few weeks ago and didn't Love it.

          1. How about Artu on Charles? It is consistantly better that the North End incarnation. Reasonable prices, acceptable wine list, alert service...

            1. I would definitely recommend Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore, or they also have an outpost in the South End. I also happen to really like Rocca in the South End. Great Italian food and definitely on the casual side.

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                Petit Robert (and all of Kenmore) could be problematic with the Soxs coming back into town.

                How about Piatini on Newbury? It's very good Italian small plates so your guests will like the food but get some "adventure" because the small plate format is a bit different then standard dining.

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                  I think the original post was Thursday which means they need somewhere for tonight (Friday). Sox game isn't until tomorrow I thought.

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                    You are absolutely correct! I saw the question today and without thinking equated it to tomorrow.