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Oct 18, 2007 12:30 PM

sunday brunch Paris

Hi, I know Europeans dont do the brunch thing.....but....where would your favorite place be a late sunday breakfast 12 noon in paris be please?

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  1. Rose Bakery rue des Martyrs. I also have a weakness for the all you can eat sushi and yakitori brunch at the corner of rue Berger et rue des Innocents, nice heated terrace in an almost pedestrian zone -- can't seem to remember any name this morning.

    More and more American or American-inspired places to the brunch thing -- Le café parisien rue d'Assas, or that place in rue Princesse whose name I can't recall, or the "pdg" rue de Ponthieu for instance.

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    1. Actually the French were getting really into "le brunch" when I was living there a few years ago and so now i'm sure it is totally mainstreamed into their culture. I love a few places. In the Bastille got to cafe de l'industrie. There is also a chain called the pain quotidien that actually does a really good bruch too.

      1. As fellow late breakfasters we adopt one of two strategies.

        If we are heading out for a long lunch we tend to stop at a cafe/bar and have a "creme" whilst standing at the bar and grab a croissant from the basket that is usually there. Alternatively, we go to a brasserie/cafe which has a nice terrace and a good view of streetlife and order a creme and simple omlette - "When in Rome....".

        Not certain I really buy the comment that "the French are really getting into le brunch". There are some places that will do an American style brunch but these are few and far between, yes "Pain Quotidien" does push the boundaries on breakfast and it could loosely interpreted as brunch, but it is really a bakery and therefore most meals are very bread based - toast, sandwiches etc.

        My favorite "social meal" in France (isn't that what brunch is about?) is the long lunch with a number of generations of the same family (grandparents to toddlers) dressed up in their best clothes for a relaxed Sunday lunch. Finding a restaurant that is popular with locals enjoying their Sunday in this way is quite a special experience and worth seeking out. I wonder if part of the charm of this is that locals will lunch on Sunday whilst tourists will be mainly in the museums?

        1. Brunch is by far my fav meal. There are a lot of great options in Paris and brunch is the new thing for sure and a great way to spend a Sat or Sun :)

          1. Eggs & Co (new name Coco and Co) Pretty d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. You have the option to add truffle, beaufort cheese, asparagus, foie gras, salmon, or even a touch of lavender to your eggs.. Full brunch for 22 euro or you can order off the menu for a lot cheaper.

          2. Drouant Restaurant-Drouant 16-18, place Gaillon. F-75002 Paris. 35 euro but incredible brunch. A bit chic. Here is what they offer. A lot of food but ohhh so good!! - The soft-boiled egg with the Iberian ham Grande Reserve. - A tomato gazpacho with basil. - Cottage cheese with chives accompanied by smoked salmon. - A salad of strawberries and fresh mint- Baker’s basket- A jar of jam season “to go if you want”- A glass of Crémant d’Alsace- A freshly squeezed citrus juice, tea or coffee. Crémant was delicious, as was the jam of the season (apricot, strawberry). Yummmmm

          3. Coffee Parisian- American but trendy, great burger and solid brunch. Super cute diner ambience. 4 Rue Princesse, 75006 Paris, France

          3. If you want a trendy vibe head to the 8th or by the Champs Elysee but you'll get a buffet there which I try and avoid. Pershing Hall is beautiful with a 59 euro brunch.

          4. Pain Quotidien- A solid brunch spot, lots of people, great desserts, pretty poor service but it's hoping and cute, good energy and lots of choices! I like the Assiette de La Mer or the specials and then of course a few pastries! Go to the one by Rue Montogueil GREAT little street with chocolate shops, fish, meat producers, etc. Hoping and adorable. Montorgueil 2, Rue Petits Carreaux, 75002 Paris
          01 42 21 15 06

          4. Merce and the Muse- Cute Resto a brooklyn girl opened. Nice comfy little seats with pillows. Only sits about 15. Fresh, bright and trendy. 2o euro brunch

          5. Hotel Amour- best little terrace for a summer brunch by PIgalle!

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            Brunch is popular with beautiful and moneyed and childless Parisians and has been for some time - the Café Charbon's brunch was quite the over-priced thing ten years ago. The different branches of Breakfast in America are bursting at the seams on Sundays.

            The food at Rose's bakery maybe good, but doesn't taste so when it's served by such unfriendly and stuck-up wait staff who need to get over themselves (anglos for the most part in the one in the Marais. And they say Parisian waiters suck!)

            But the new place to be on the sabbath when you're hung-over and dressed in APC and feel like spending 20 euros on eggs is "Twinkies" on a a stretch of the rue St Denis that used to be sleazy but that is fast becoming hip.

            1. re: vielleanglaise

              "hung-over and dressed in APC"

              You just described me yesterday.
              Indeed the whole rue St Denis including further north Faubourg St Denis have become quite hip-icurian.

              1. re: vielleanglaise

                "Brunch is popular with beautiful and moneyed and childless Parisians and has been for some time " --- which is true, but cannot be misconstrued to mean "totally mainstreamed into their culture."

                You can find places to have brunch...but it's not mainstream by a long stretch.

            2. Though "Le Brunch" is becoming more and more common in Paris, I find it to be most often a "prix fixe" type of deal, with one fruit juice, one hot drink, some pastries and then a choice of a "main", and then a dessert (or not). I am not aware of many " a la carte" brunches in Paris (but there are still loads of places I have yet to try!) - and brunches in Paris are a bit expensive for what they are (IMHO).
              That said, my favorite brunch in Paris is at A Priori Thé in the Gallerie Vivienne. When the weather is warmer, you can have a table in the Gallerie and it is very pleasant. Their brunch was €32 (last spring) and came with: 1 fruit juice, 1 tea or coffee, 1 glass of wine, a basket of mini-pastries, a fromage blanc with a fruit coulis and nuts (the best part of the brunch), a choice of mains (smoked salmon, tarte salée, poached eggs or goat cheese stuffed zucchini, among others, if my memory serves me correctly) and a choice of desserts (including a cheesecake that was not too bad!)
              Needless to say, you won't be hungry for the rest of the day and the area is good for taking a walk afterwards to work some of it off!