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Oct 18, 2007 12:28 PM

Philly: What else besides cheesesteaks?

I'll be visiting philly for the weekend and will definitley be eating a few cheesesteaks. I was wondering if there are any local faves besides?

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  1. I'll be first to tell you about the roast pork sandwich. Thinly sliced roast pork, sharp provolone, and sauteed greens on a seeded roll. My favorite is DiNics in the Reading Terminal Market.
    Another great Philly treat is scrapple, a breakfast meat consisting of pork, cornmeal, spices, and who knows what else. It's ground and fried into patties. Makes a great sandwich!

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      I concur with the roast pork from Dinic's, but I prefer it with the roasted peppers instead of the greens, but you can't go wrong either way. If you do go to the RTM, which you should, try the pretzels from the Amish stand ( I forget the name ). I would also recommend going to the Italian Market and checking out Claudio's for their fresh mozzarella and their homemade pesto. Then making your way to Sarcone's for a hoagie. If you like wings, check out Moriarty's. They give you the whole wing and it is an irish bar with tons of different beers. Best wings in the city IMHO. If you like Schnitzel, try Ludwig's Garten and get it Jaeger style. They have a bunch of different beers and if you sit at a table you can get a beer tower which is a beer equivalent to a four foot bong.

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        I second the roast pork at DiNics, and add that they also serve great broccoli rabe on their sandwiches too (but have never seen seeds on my roll! from there). Scrapple is great to try at least once...they have a good version (and good pancakes) at the Dutch Eating Place in the market (but not on Sunday). The market is a great place to explore and they also have very good soft pretzels (get them hot out of the oven) at Fisher's.

      2. Yeah, go for the roast pork! It's the food I miss most about Philly. San Francisco, my current home, has some good sandwiches, but nothing that competes with the Philly roast pork, IMHO...

        1. i think the entirety of the reading terminal market is something we should be known for.

          matter of fact, we sort of are... http://www.travelandleisure.com/afc/2...
          we're right up there for farmer's markets, and we should be! (well, food markets in general, i think) in addition to the reading terminal market, you can find misc awesome italian ingredients down in the italian market on 9th street in south philly. and with so many urban farms and community gardens and random corner farm stands, the produce is easily one of my favorite things here!! i was actually thinking about starting a thread on that but thought i would save it for spring of next year. :) anyway, i would say, come visit our markets - especially those two (italian and reading terminal). make it on a saturday if you can.

          also on my latest chow tour, which has been taking me through red-sauce italian places in south philly, i've made some discoveries that are probably unbeatable outside of italy itself! i recommend you do a search here of italian food in south philly. i haven't ventured out to enough places yet.

          we've also got some incredible foodie options down on washington ave, if you poll the board you'll find a lot of praise for that street... besides the italian market, you have a fun mix of vietnamese pho shops and mexican taquerias. all co-existing pleasantly (except geno) and cheaply. you can definitely get some tasty bites for your dollar on washington, stretching from probably 6th to 11th streets. i wish we were more well-known for that entire area - and not just the competing cheesesteak places across the street from one another!

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            1. A good soft pretzel (some vendors sell them rock hard and dry as dog kibble, encased in cling wrap; avoid these) and a hoagie. Also possibly Breyer's vanilla ice cream.

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                Did you mean Bassett's ice cream? In the Reading Terminal stand, they do a hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream in it that's fantastic when it's cold out. Thank you.

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                  Nope, meant Breyer's. Also local and, despite the lack of a cutesy stand in the Reading Terminal Market, the best vanilla ice cream.

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                    Breyers technically is no longer local. After the plant was closed in the area, the product is made in Alabama.

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                    YUM! As a kid I had a friend who's mom used to make us hot chocolate w/ a scoop of vanilla ice cream after we'd come in from ice skating. It heaven in a mug! Thanks for the memory. :-)