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Oct 18, 2007 12:28 PM

Italian sausage in Paris?

My father-in-law says he has a difficult time finding hot Italian sausage in Paris. He lives in the 7th.

Anyone know where he could get some, uncooked? prepared?


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  1. I would try the Italian shop in rue Lebon (17th) -- are they called Casa della pasta? In any case, if they don't have it, they can order it, and they make the best fresh pasta in town. And, by the way, htat's also where I buy (on order) my white and black truffles.

    In the rue des martyrs there is a corsican sausage shop that may have similar stuff and that is really good anyway -- I indicated it anna and mike in August and can't remember the name just now. Depending on where he is in the 7th he can ask the ristorante on the bd Garibaldi called Fontanarose -- they may have some adresses.

    There must be more acurate responses to your question but none of the places mention here would be a waste of time.

    1. Two spots in the 7th that I have had good results are Giramondo at the corner of Grenelle and Bosquet and Davoli on rue Cler. You must specify epicé or chances are you will get douce.

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        don't know giramondo but second davoli.

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          Thanks souphie and Laidback. I believe I looked in Davoli last week when visiting, and didn't see any Italian looking sausage - but I didn't look hard, or ask.

          I'm sure my father-in-law will be very happy if he finds it in either place in the 7th, since he lives very close to both of them.

      2. Have you tried that fantastic little italian deli with meats and prepared food on the Rue des Francs Borgeois (It is on that street but I think the street changes names as you get closer to Beaubourg) It has been a while since I was there but if you are on the rue des franc borgeois and are headed toward Beaubourg it is on the left and maybe 2 blocks before the museum. I love this place and I'm 90% sure they have sausage.

        1. there's a place worth checking out, on Monge, practically at Les Gobelins. I think. It's by there, anyway, as last time i was in paris i was staying at a hotel by Gobelins and got take-out from there. More traiteur than charcuterie, but good quality stuff.