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If you had a Steven Starr gift certificate...

I am a grateful recipient of a gift certificate redeemable at any Starr restaurant. So if you were in my shoes, which restaurant would you choose?

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  1. I love restaurant gift certificates as presents! If I got a Starr gift certificate, I would go to either Buddakhan, Morimoto, or make a night in AC and check out the Continental there.

    1. I wish I was so lucky as to have a Starr gift certificate! I love, love, love his restaurants! My top three would be 1. Alma de Cuba 2. Barclay Prime 3. Buddakan.

      May I ask if you will be going out for a special occasion and with whom you will be dining? What kind of atmosphere are you looking for?

      1. It kinda depends on the size of the gift certificate..

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          very true!
          if it were $25, i'd probably hit el vez for guac and margaritas.
          if it were $250, morimoto omakase for sure!
          somewhere in the middle might find me at buddakan. or tangerine - love them for drinks, have not tried their food yet!

        2. How much is it for if you don't mind my saying? That would effect my decision. If it was for a lot, I would say Morimoto. For a little, Continental in Old City.

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            It's for $100 and I plan on it being a party of two. I rarely get an excuse to indulge myself, so price isn't an obstacle.

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                Definitely the big Buddha, unless you want the $100 as a down payment on a Morimoto feast.

          2. I agree with Buddakan. It is our favorite Steven Starr restaurant. Try the 5 spice donuts and chocolate bento box for dessert.

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                  go to striped bass! the service is stellar and (unlike other starr's) it's food actually is better than the decor! Though a bit pricier than buddakhan, it's worth the indulgence and your $100 should cushion the tab nicely. Buddakhan's alright, but i frankly think it's more hype than quality.

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                    Ugh, please do not go to Striped Bass. I was there a month or two ago and the service was smarmy and condescending, yet still incompetent. The food is good, but not good enough to justify the price they're charging, and not as good as many other Starr places (Tangerine, Buddakan, Barclay Prime, or Morimoto, to name the better ones). From what I've heard, it was excellent back when Christopher Lee was there, now it's just coasting on that rep.

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                      I have to reply when I saw Buckethead's comment about the service at Buddakhan. The last time we were there, we had a birthday in our group and a wrapped present was placed on the table. The server came over and placed it on an empty chair saying nothing was allowed on the table but the food. I was rather taken aback (it was not a large gift) Was I wrong here or was the server truly being "smarmy and condescending!"

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                        That is way beyond smarmy and condescending, and well into obnoxious and offensive. Wait staff do not allow or disallow anything; they serve. I am the last person to make a stink in public, but I think that would have set me off. I would have left immediately, and spent the rest of the day fantasizing about taking the gift off of the table and replacing it with several of the waiter's teeth.

                2. I can't believe more people haven't recommended Barclay Prime. I've been there a handful of times and I think it's excellent! The kobe sliders are to die for!

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                  1. Alma has great service and the ceviche and mojitos are the best! Also Barclay is fun, the truffled mash is def the way to go. If you want sexy go to Tangerine.

                    1. There are two issues here. One is the value of the gift certificate and the other is your age. I absolutely HATE most of his resturants because they are so noisy. I am an older person so I value thoughtful conversation and could care less how beautiful the young girl is who is seated at the next table although it is perfectly obvious that she wants me to notice. If it were me I would sit in the bar at Barclay Prime with my partner and share a steak, creamed spinach, and that wonderul bannana desert and thank god there are still quiet places to be had.

                      1. Tangerine is my fav Starr restaurant. The atmosphere is more subdued (romantic) and the food is terrific. Depends on with whom you're dining (romantic interest or buddy). Buddakan is a good buddy restaurant. Food is good all around.