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Oct 18, 2007 12:17 PM

Looking for Vegetarian places in Napa

my husband and i are moving to napa. we are both vegetarians--my husband is a strict vegan. i've heard lots of comments about how napa is very vegetarian friendly but we haven't had any luck finding places. does anybody have a favorite?

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  1. Overall, Napa has one vegetarian restaurant - Ubuntu - and it's new. I haven't been, but have heard a sprinkling of good reports about it and it has a yoga studio. Just next door Annalien has some nice vegetarian Vietnamese options. And Zuzu offers enough vegetarian tapas to be a good bet. Pizza Azzurro has several vegetarian options, but I don't know if their pastas are vegan.

    I have found many local chefs willing to work with needs of vegetarians. The local farmers markets (May-Nov) and locally owned grocery stores (Vallerga's & Brown's Valley) have beautiful fresh produce. Oh, and the grocery store up in Angwin caters to the Adventists, consequently offering an amazing variety of vegetarian items. Whole Foods should be finally opening it's store in north Napa in the next few months.

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      Ruby Louise is right. Ubuntu has recently opened and is creating some buzz, though the reviews are mixed:
      Here's the resto on menu at the top for very pretty food pics:

      Napa Valley has such a plethora of beautiful raw ingredients, and you will find many vegetarian dishes and entrees on resto menus, though the restos won't be vegetarian per se. Ruby Louise makes a good point about the Adventist (vegetarian) culture in Napa Valley, especially in Angwin above St. Helena in the eastern hills. No restos up there of note, but a grocery with an impressive line-up of bulk food bins.

      Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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        Addendum: Please read the Chowhound blog titled "Impressed by Ubuntu" by Daniel Duane at

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            Michael Bauer's very positive review in today's (10/21/07) San Francisco Chronicle:

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              Good to see such a positive review. Went Thursday for lunch and tried the cauliflower in the cast iron pot and it was delicious. As well as the fingerling potato salad with fennel, which surprised me in terms of appearance and taste, in a very good way. Finished with a shot of hot chocolate, great. It was the busiest I had seen the place in my few

    2. two words on Ubuntu: absolutely stunning.

      standouts for me are the same as Dan's list: the potato salad, cauliflower in the little Staub mini pot, the hot chocolate w/ blue bottle coffee (thickest and richest I've had in the states).

      this is the only vegetarian restaurant I've been to where I feel I can wow non-vegetarians. i'll definitely be back. as for vegans, not sure they'd fare as well, as there was dairy in many of the dishes.

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        We ate there recently & agree completely. Superb. One of the best meals I've had. The service was excellent also. I give Ubuntu an unqualified recommendation.

      2. There is no strict vegan restaurant in Napa, however, you will find a lot of options - there will usually be something on a menu at a restaurant in Napa that a vegan can eat. As everyone has mentioned, Ubuntu is getting rave reviews, plus there are plenty of places to buy food items for a vegan. I am a former vegan, now I do eat eggs, dairy and fish. When we first moved to Napa 17 years ago, aside from Red Rock, which serves a dynamite grilled veggie burger- (I always ask for everything (all the veggies plus grilled onions), there wasn't anything. I'd recommend the noodle dishes at Fujiya with tempura vegetables - but I suspect there are eggs in the tempura batter. I would be happy to chat with you about it because it was a definite challenge when we first moved here. Don't quite know how to do that on this site, tho.