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Oct 18, 2007 12:05 PM

Williamsburg dinner on a budget - Saturday night

Looking to spend about $50 or less for dinner for 2....we like ethnic food - especially asian...thinking two entrees (or sushi), one app, two drinks or so...Suggestions? Going to be around the Northside section.


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  1. Given the budget and the Asian mention, I'd suggest SEA. Good prices and good quality Thai for the price. It gets pretty crowded in there around 8 on a Saturday night. Enjoy.

    1. Silent H. Pretty decent vietnamese, but in any case, way, way better than sea and less annoying. Also it's BYOB (or at least it used to be until recently...) so you can bring your own bottle of wine or couple of beers and save some money that way.

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        Or even better is Thai food at Siam Orchid on Metropolitan (not exactly north I know), which is totally delicious, cozy and small and precious (for a date), cheap and BYOB.