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Heart-Healthesque Lunch on Sat., What To Serve?

So I've bought a bunch of stuff for salads - various beets, fennel, frisee, etc. Goins has a salad with beets I've been wanting to try.

What I'm mainly especially concerned about is dessert. No butter-laced cakes here. Since it's now fall, and the summer fruits are memories, I can't prepare my standbys of fresh raspberries with a sauce made of pureed strawberries.

Suggestions for other parts of the meal are also welcome

Right now I'm thinking.

Suzanne Goins' Red Pepper Soup

Bit-Lay Bread

A Beet and other stuff salad OR a salad with roasted squash and other stuff with parmesan curls on top.

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  1. I was going to suggest a small piece of blue cheese and that pear/prune/saffron compote I've been making from Vegetable Harvest - but then it occured to me that the cheese might not be too heart healthy!!! I love Goin's Hazelnut cake - but loads of butter. Will keep thinking. BTW - what is Bit-Lay Bread? Have you tried her salmon salad - w/ beets, etc.?

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      The Lehey (sp) bread Mark Bittman tweaked and printed in the Minimalist column. Aka, "no knead bread".

    2. Baked apples? Poached pears?

      1. Okay this won't be extremely helpful, but a restaurant w.a rotating seasonal menu recently had this pizza that had a squash-based sauce thing w.beets, onions, chevre & fennel on it for toppings. Might be nice if you face a cold day. Otherwise your salad sounds killer =)

        I agree w.the apple suggestion for a fally dinner.. or maybe a squash & apple soup to compliment the salad? Yum.

        Dessert.. I have a healthy apple crisp recipe that uses almost no fat in the crisp.. maybe 2 tsp of canola oil in it for fat.. It's nice. Baked apples are equally good (but I heart oatmeal so usually go w.crisp), and you could stuff 'em w.craisins, too!

        1. A nut based torte is nice. You can do one with egg whites and walnuts - very fall.

          Poached pears.

          Candied spiced pumpkin topped with greek yogurt.

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            Great dessert suggestions! Thanks.

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              Anyway you could pass along a recipe for the spiced pumpkin? It sounds amazing! Do you roast it at all?

            2. Around here we're cooking alot out of Bonnie Stern's Heartsmart cookbook... some fave desserts are:

              * Pears Poached in Pomegranate Juice (92 cals, trace fat, 0mg cholesterol, 23g carbs)
              * Nick Malgieri's Fudge Brownies (129 cals, 2g protein, 2g fat , 4mg cholesterol, 27g carbs) - amazingly dense and rich chocolate brownie
              * Chocolate Angel Food Cake w Chocolate Sauce (255 cals, 6g protein, 7g fat , 0mg cholesterol, 49g carbs) - not made as often as the others...(btw her Angel Food Cake with Berry Berry sauce is online and it's almost fat free)

              I've never had a single one of Bonnie's recipes fail to impress. It's not high-end gourmet but good, honest, (healthier than traditional recipes) cooking:


              Hope that helps :-)

              1. How 'bout adding some smoked fish to the menu? It can be eaten with any of your other offerings and adds some protein.

                You could serve baked apples with minimal butter (I find there's usually enough juice from the apples cooking anyways) drizzled with good vanilla, cinnamon, a little bit of crunchy nuts or toasted oatmeal on top, plump golden raisins if you like them. Serve with a little bit of good yogurt when eaten (I like this better than over processed low fat frozen yogurt).

                I recently had a delicious dessert in someone's home with coconut milk, a little bit of tapioca (which I think could be omitted), plaintains, cassava, honey, cinnamon. It was delicious and simple. Heated on a pot on the stove.

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                  Yeah, I'd usually do smoked fish, but that's what they've served US the last 2 times we had a meal at their house.

                  I'm actually going to post a thread asking if anybody's ever smoked black cod/sable/butterfish. I just got some fresh.

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                    If you don't want to do fish, beans/lentils could be another option for adding protein to the meal. How about ditching the Red Pepper Soup and going with a hearty bean or lentil soup instead? Something to dunk that crusty no knead bread in?

                2. Depends on how much you want to cheat (cooking-wise, not diet-wise) - mom mom's done an angle food cake frosted with fat-free coolwhip, with 1T of cocoa folded into it. Serve with sliced straberries in syrup.

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                    I think I've settled on dessert now. Unless anybody says this pie crust is TERRIBLE and YOU MUSTN'T MAKE IT ON PAIN OF DEATH.

                    I'm going to make a crust with egg whites and nuts and granola (homemade) or ginger snaps. I've got lots of really good apples for an apple tart which I plan to serve with Lowfat yoghurt mixed with something - lemon zest and vanilla probably.

                    Yeah, I also have been thinking bean soup. Especially since I just got a shipment from Rancho Gordo beans. I used the scarlet runner beans already and they were amazing. I thought their claim that the beans were much much much better than regular store bought ones was hype. Noooooooo.

                    The meal doesn't need to be veg., just not fatty, e.g., little or no butter or cream.

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                      I think it sounds interesting - would be curious to know how it turns out.

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                        I seem to recall making a crust like that once and the egg whites made it soggy, but i can't recall all the details, so perhaps I am creating memories! I have had good luck binding a crust with olive oil, instead of butter, and my hubby likes to add a few marshmallows to the mix to bind it more... I love apple tart with cardamom in a nut crust (we usually do a blend), with 2% greek yogurt (almond extract is yummy in there).

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                          Olive oil is a good idea. I made a Batali cake a couple of weeks ago using olive oil instead of butter. It was flavored with loads of lemon zest and had a pear marmalade you made to spread between the layers. You cut the cake in half widthwise and then spread on the pear marm. It was quite good. The texture was more bready than usual cake, but I liked it and my husband loved it.