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Oct 18, 2007 11:51 AM

Indian grocery/restaurants around BK Heights

Hi - I just moved to BK Heights, very close to Cobble Hill and Boerum Place. Does anyone have suggestions on good indian food in the area and on good places to buy indian groceries?


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  1. Sahadi's has spices but does not stock other basic Indian groceries like pickle, papads, frozen rotis, paneer etc. My wife and I have tried the Pakistani neighborhood that is near Midwood but weren't particularly impressed. I'm afraid that there are only two options: if you don't have a car, Curry Hill in Manhattan (although it isn't only an Indian grocery, I would recommend Kalustyan's - not sure why they have Indian groceries byt Sahadi's doesn't) is closest, if you do have a car, you are better off going to Jackson Heights (the Patel Brothers grocery there is fantastic).

    Oh yeah, the Indian restaurants in the area are also very very mediocre (some are downright terrible).

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      Actually, Sahadi's does have a tiny selection of Indian condiments, including some chutneys and pickles and a couple of kinds of papadum. No substitute for Kalustyans or Patel Bros, but OK in a pinch.

      Alas, basically no good Indian restaurants in the area.