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Oct 18, 2007 11:48 AM

Best Restaurant in Etobicoke/Mississauga

I am trying to find a restaurant for a Christmas party. In the past we have done events at Chiado, Vibo, Via Allegro, Mistura.

I am trying to find a restaurant in Etobicoke or Mississauga that would have a Continental/Italian/European menu (to suit all the needs and wants of the 20-24 people going).

Some people have mentioned Ten, Lago, CRU. Any thoughts on these or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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  1. Try Piatto on Dundas east of Mississauga Road Very good chef and excellent front of house staff. It would suit your needs very nicely.

    1. Lago is good. They have a great private room that has a bar, and seating area, and private washroom, we had our parents 50th ann. party there and it was great. be careful at Lago as their portions are very big. I have been to ten many times and the food has been Just O.K. every time. Rogues is a good reliable choice.Tony is the owner. Unfortunatley there are no "really" great restaurants in Mississauga.

      1. My newest find in Mississauga in Solstice Restaurant. AMAZING Italian food. Even my nonna who still thinks no one cooks better sauce than her, loved it! I have done two corporate events there (they are creating a completely private room in the next two weeks) as well as some large family events. Place is only 1 yr old so decor is modern and sleek, food is so good and very well priced and the owners are the most honest people I met (being in event industry I see all kinds) I have already booked two client Christmas parties there. They have a decent website too.

        PS I have used the following for client events/dinner: Cru, Lago, Vibo, Ten. Really like CRU and ViBo but still think Solstice is better. Ten had very lousy service and not very accomodating to my client's changes

        1. If you dont mind going a liitle farther down the road, try Thyme restaurant in downtown Oakville. The restaurants in Port Credit are nice but Thyme is much better.

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