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Oct 18, 2007 11:44 AM

Best Comfort Food in DC

Now that I can actually feel a slight chill in the night air, I'm wondering if we can throw out some warming, comfort food joints in the DC area. You know what I'm talking about, the best stews, braised shanks, soupy noodles...all that good stuff.

And if possible, for us carless blokes confined to the metro, let's stick with inside the DC area (and not montco/nova...)

Thanks guys!!

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  1. I find Brasserie Beck very warming and comfy on a cold night kind of place with their food, coq au vin, etc those provencal classics always are good on cold nights.

    And Tabard Inn with the big fire... gotta love that when it gets cold.

    Blue Duck used to be incredible with their braised meats and savories, but I have not been in a few months and it has been getting mixed reviews on the board.

    But alas I have other suggestion near the metro, but not in DC, since I eat most of my meals in NOVA I will omit those.

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      Tabard Inn is my go-to spot for drinks in the fall/winter. And now that I am living only a few streets down I'm sure my patronage there will increase. I believe they serve mulled cider as well at times...bonus!

      1. re: ktmoomau

        ktmoomau, please add those NOVA comfort food spots -- esp. for braised lamb shanks.
        (btw, your name always makes me smile -- like .. what does THAT stand for? moomau -- a cow and a cat?)

        1. re: alkapal

          Hahaha Alkapal- Although I was raised on a beef farm we learned quickly not to name the animals, it is actually my last name (although it did serve my mother well while running for political office to have a series of political cartoons with Mooma and Moopa cows). It is a rather rare French last name.

          In Nova for comfort food: I love Sette Bello's braised meat and risotto special as comfort food it is normally lamb or veal, and I find it very well prepared. The meat just falls off the bone so easily and with the risotto mmm so good. I have tried to make myself order other things there, but since we don't repeat restaurants all that often I normally ordering it...

          Majestic has a braised meat entree still, although I haven't been back since it changed over.

          Also Tallulah's short ribs or their veal tenderloin with sweetbreads... (not really metro accessible at all)

          2941- has a braised short ribs dish I have never had, and especially not now with their guest chef cooking, but looks tasty enough I might get it when I go in a few weeks.

          I also love the steak dish at willow when it is cold and I am craving steak. I know it is so easy to make steak at home, but sometimes I just want someone else to cook it for me (being raised on a beef farm I am a very red meat kind of girl) plus it doesn't hurt the place is like one block away.

          Eleventh Street Lounge has some real comfort food I like.

          I also love noodles from heaven ordered extra spicy I normally get it from Thai Terrace, but I am sure other places have it, between all the broth, noodles, spice and etc, I really love the burn.

          And I haven't tried Liberty Tavern's Primani Bros Sandwich, but if it is anywhere close to the real deal that would be comfort food to me.

          My comfort food always seems to be rich with red meat though, go figure...

          Firefly, just the decor of the restaurant itself (In DC) always warms me up, no matter what I order, it is just a real cozy feeling place.

          Tenpenh's spicy calamari salad is comfort food to me too.

        2. re: ktmoomau

          Braised pork shank on feijoada at Ceiba

          The Kimchi Jigae at Mandu (or their spicy beef soup)

        3. I didn't grow up with a French mother, nor did I grow up on the banks of the Seine (I grew up outside of Boston in a small New England town for the record) but for some reason comfort food to me is a warm, cozy French bistro with all the soups, steaks, and duck products a girl can eat. So on that note my vote would go to a cozy corner at Bistro D'Oc with an order of french onion soup, duck confit and glass of red wine on a snowy DC day.

          It's metro accesible (Metro Center), moderatly priced, and you can make a day of it by catching a movie at E Street Cinema where they also serve lattes because they are a yuppified movie theater. :)

          I also can really appreciate the cooking at Creme on a chilly day since it feels like home cooking (again, if I grew up in a Southern home...which I didn't but often times dream I did). U Street metro.

          And finally, since I did in fact grow up in a Northeastern Jewish household fond of all things deli, my final vote goes to Morty's Jewish Deli ( up in Tenleytown for a hot bowl of Matzo Ball soup and perhaps a chopped liver sandwich or tuna melt.

          All of these places hit my comfort food spot and are easy to get to and affordable.

          Great thread btw! It's always fun to see what people consider comfort food.

          1. Smothered porkchops, collard greens, mac n cheese at Levi's Port Cafe.

            Grillades and grits at Johnny's Half Shell.

            A bowl of Texas red at Hard Times Cafe.

            1. Chilaquiles at Oyamel
              Curries - Rasika or Indique
              Thai soups - especially the spicy ones

              1. The "pork [shank] and beans" at Creme Cafe on U Street.