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Oct 18, 2007 11:35 AM

Bar Johnny or Pesce?

Which would you choose for a party of five who is interested in sharing various dishes and is almost as concerned with drinking as eating? Thanks for your input.

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  1. Definitely Pesce. The food is much more tasty and innovative IMO plus I'm not a fan of the new look/seating arrangements at Bar Johnny. Also, drinks at Bar Johnny were quite pricey.

    1. Totally depends on what kind of scene you're looking for. Bar Johnny has fun cocktails, and more classic bar food (but really good) - burgers, pizza, etc. - but also a really lively "night out" atmosphere. Pesce is Italian seafood tapas and is a bit more lowkey?

      1. If you are concerned with drinking as much as eating I would go to Bar Johnny. My boyfriend had a maple bourbon drink that was tasty and I had an elderflower champagne cocktail that was a great "starter" drink The atmosphere is fun, the seating can be arranged to accommodate.

        Pesce is a wonderful neighborhood spot with great food but is better suited for dates and small groups not focused on drinks.


        1. Bar nonsense bar-ish atmosphere, good value-- quality meats at a good price. I enjoyed the flatiron steak with gremolata (garlic, olive oil, parsley, lemon zest) and carrot/potato shoestrings for $16. Staff "gets it", owner is present.

          1. I dont know Pesce but Bar Johnny was great.
            I ate there for the first time last weekend.
            The sole was cooked to perfection.
            The ahi salad was so damn good.
            I was not fond of the cheese plate.
            Great atmosphere.
            Superb booze selection.
            Chef was cool as hell. The bar staff was letting us taste the unique alcohol, such as the mescal and the 109 gin.
            Im goin back.