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Oct 18, 2007 11:34 AM

ordering my thanksgiving turkey from the la jolla whole foods again or no???

I ordered the turkey ahead of time last year from whole foods and it was delish. i was wondering if anyone else knows of a better spot to go to? i cant recall the name of the turkey but it was like $60 for there smallest one. I dont really care about price as much as quality.

When do they start accepting orders for htese things anyway? i was in there today and they werent taking orders yet that i saw.

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  1. If you liked it, why not do it again? $60isn't too bad for an heirloom, heritage or free-range bird.

    1. We get our turkey from They Fed Ex deep fried turkeys. Their spicy deep fried turkey is the BEST! Moist, gently spicy meat. I think it's something around $75, including shipping.

      1. There are the heritage turkeys that are older breeds and not overly hybridized to produce extraordinary amounts of breast meat. The other fairly popular bird is from Diestel. This is an organic, free-range turkey grown in California.

        I've had both an I actually prefer the Diestel to the heritage turkey. All the usual meat outlets usually carry both Diestal and heritage. Neither is inexpensive.

        1. If it is good then it is worth it. I ordered mine from Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad before, also from T&H Prime meats in San Marcos. They are never cheap but i think better for sure.

          1. Seisels carries nice free range and conventional turkeys around T-giving.