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Apr 15, 2006 09:12 PM

Chinese Deboned Chicken Stuffed with Sticky Rice?

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My brother has requested this dish for his birthday dinner - I am looking for a restaurant that serves a good version of this dish at a reasonable price range. We prefer the Oakland/Berkeley area, but would be willing to travel to SF to get a taste of this delicious sounding dish!


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  1. Siver Dragon in Oakland Chinatown serves it. You should probably call ahead to reserve.

    In SF, Ming's Diner makes two versions: A deboned stuffed spring chicken that is available off the menu, and a more elaborate full size version that you need to order in advance. Both versions are quite good.

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    1. re: BillSF

      I second the recommendation for the Ming's Diner version (I've had both actually), but that is quite a haul from the East Bay. (way out in the Avenues). Also, if it matters for a birthday celebration, I don't think alcohol is served at Ming's, and atmosphere is minimal.

      But I am intrigued that they have it at the Silver Dragon (which does have more atmosphere, not that that is saying much, and a full bar to boot): how does it compare to the Ming's version?

      Ming's Diner
      2129 Taraval St,
      San Francisco 94116
      Btwn 31st & 32nd Ave

      1. re: susancinsf

        I too recommed Ming's Diner.

        The smaller verison off the menu is under $10.

        The full verison was under $20 the last time we order it two year ago. I think the ingredients for this verison is better than most. You will need to order it 24 hours ahead of time.

        This is a haul from the East Bay but worth.

        1. re: yimster

          in oakland legendary palace has it..order in advance ..its so yummy but have it before crab or u will be too full to apreciate all the flavors..enjoy

          1. re: chicky chix

            Thanks for the lead, but like CYL we make our own at home. It fact I made the stuffing for the last Chow Pinic and posted the recipe on the home cooking board. But I fear the I do not write well enough to write the deboning "trick" for the chicken it self.

        2. re: susancinsf

          Kirin on Geary/24th-ish makes it, at a reasonable price - give them a call.

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            Being already in S. F., I have chanced going into Ming’s Diner impromptu, and purchased the stuffed spring chicken for take-out around noon (only $6.50). I hauled it home down to the South Bay and placed it under my infra-red-keep-hot heat lamps. I enjoyed it hours later for dinner, with skin still crispy and all. It was as enjoyable as if I had eaten it fresh at the restaurant itself,

            Ming’s Diner has it listed it only on their Chinese written menu.

            Then again, chicken stuffed sticky rice is not difficult and much more economical to do at home. You can stuff it with more ingredients of your own choosing (chicken meat, sausage, and mushrooms). I’ve stuffed full chicken, or smaller wing, thigh-leg versions, or do no-stuffed skinless wrapped with and without lotus leave versions. Then, what about doing a steamed garlic Dungeness crab on top of sticky rice combination on top of lotus leaf? Varying amounts of work and imagination can do wonders at home, if you are game!

        3. R&G does it, but it's not cheap and you have to call 24 hrs ahead of time as with any other Chinese restaurant that offer this dish.

          There was another place, can't recall the restaurant now that has it for $30 price range... If I remember it I'll post it.

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          1. re: theSauce

            Great Eastern has it, I think $36.

            1. re: theSauce

              I think many of the "better" Cantonese Restaurants will do it, with an advance order. I know Great Eastern in SF Chinatown does a good version.


            2. Empress of China makes it and I think it's one of the best.

              1. any good places that offer it in the south bay?

                1. Try Louie's California Chinese Cuisine on Washington near Kearny. There was a chowhound dinner there perhaps a year and half ago (can't locate the link to the report) where the deboned, stuffed chicken was my favorite dish.