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Oct 18, 2007 11:13 AM

Dessert Santa Barbara?

This weekend I'm coming up from LA to show my sister a little bit of SB. We are going to chow on spinys at the SBShellfish Co. Origianlly, I wanted to take hre to McConnell's after.

Is it parhaps too chilly (well, not for me, I love it any weather)

Where else can good dessert be had?

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  1. walk down to the saturday farmers market on cota street. there's a stand selling pies from the solvang pie company that are out of this world. any of the crumble top pies are my favorites, but the peach pies aren't too shabby either. eat a small while you walk around and then buy a large for the trip home.

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    1. re: DoctorQuality

      How late is the market open? After dinner?

    2. How about The Palace for a dark chocolate souffle and bourbon cream sauce?

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          1. re: MunkeeCIAO

            The palace Swan?!?! Chocolate Souffle?!?!


            1. re: Diana

              the Bread Pudding souffle with Bourbon Cream is pure awesome there...

      1. Go to Alcazar, the tapas bar on the Mesa, and order the chocolate caramel truffle cake with kahlua sauce. To die for.

        I also second the recommendation for the souffles at The Palace.

        1. McConnells is never the wrong choice - particularly the Brazilian Coffee Chip. Ca Dario has very good desserts - corner East Victoria and Anacapa Street - up among the other top restaurants around the 1200 block of State Street.

          For simple, their creme caramel is I think, the best in town. They have a puff pastry with zabaglione sauce and fresh berries if you are more adventuresome and the sfogato (expresso with icecream) is just plain addicting. Fresh, authentic flavors.

          Wonderful european cakes and desserts can be found in the tiny Cafe Bianco in Victoria Court (same 1200 block of State Street), but they are only open til 5pm. Worth buying something and eating it later.

          1. They only have one, but it's very good, and very shareable - the Hungry Cat's chocolate bread pudding brulee.

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            1. re: Alice Q

              Yeah, but we can go down to the Original Hungry Cat down here for that.

              1. re: Diana

                Oh sorry, didn't notice that you're from LA.

              2. re: Alice Q

                I haven't tried the Hungry Cat yet (chapala & Anapamu?) I thought it was a local, rather than a chain?
                Any dessert is yummy. It is suppose to warm up this weekend.

                1. re: sbquailer

                  t'ain't a chain, but it sure isn't local to SB. the original is in Los Angeles County, Hollywood to be exact.

                  1. re: sbquailer

                    There are only 2. They share some menu items, but it seems like there are some differences too. I haven't been to the LA one but hope to try it sometime. I'm in San Diego, so it's not too far to go.