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Oct 18, 2007 10:52 AM

Qi tea liqueur

Has anyone seen this liqueur for sale anywhere on the East Coast? It's made with lapsang souchong tea and I've been dying to try it since the NYT wrote about it, but I've never seen it in a store/don't want to deal with ordering online.

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  1. Morrell Wine, at One Rockefeller Plaza, in NYC has both flavors of Qi, the lapsang souchong (Qi Black), and the white tea & oranges (Qi White). I'd call first though to make sure they have it in stock: 800-96-WINES. Not many other stores on the East Coast yet though... I'm sure Morrell will ship too if you're not going to be in the City.

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    1. re: bacchusbythebay

      Thanks, that's great. I'll stop by on my next trip to the city.

    2. Has anyone tried this...Qi? Would be interested in hearing comments.

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      1. re: Papa Kip Chee

        I like the White Tea version of Qi much better than the original version - it's light, floral, orangey, honeyed - the one with lapsang souchong is VERY smokey, more like a dark mezcal (Los Danzantes, for example).

        To find a retail distributor on the east coast (if newhaven is still looking), I would contact the folks at Hanger One.