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Oct 18, 2007 10:48 AM

new BBQ joint in Methuen??

went to Shadi's last night for some chow and just across from the fire station headquarters i saw a BBQ joint that wasn't there (the building always was, but it wasn't bbq) and i wondered if it was the Real Deal. i don't remember the name, but it wasn't "Word Of Mouth."

anyone got any info?


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  1. Word of Mouth was the name of a BBQ restaurant a few years ago on Hampshire Street just west of Broadway (next to the 1859 house). I remember that it had a pretty good BBQ menu and decent beers. I checked my off-line database and I don't have any notes about the place, so I cannot state specifically about it. I do remember fried chicken (my wife likes that), fried pickles, and some pretty good pulled pork.

    Curiously, a google map search on "Word of Mouth, Methuen, MA" lists the Hampshire Street address (but claims it is unverified). That is near the fire department, so this may be the same place.

    I liked the food there, as did my wife. We went a few times before we found the place closed one day... and then we never went again (we may have suspected it was closed for good; it never had a large crowd when we were there).

    Now that you've jogged my memory of the place, I think I may need to pay the place another visit if it is still in business!

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      wicked thanks for the research. actually got a pretty good response on the Boston Board.