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Oct 18, 2007 10:42 AM

Great Restaurants near Air Canada Center

FoodGuy 905 is being forced to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs game.Are there any good restaurants in the area, suitable to bring a 10 year old. Any style or price range.Not opposed to a short taxi ride.

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  1. If the 10 year old likes sushi, you can go to Takesushi and he might find the sushi bar interesting. It's in the BCE Place.
    I am not a huge fan, but 10 year olds would also like Richtree/formerly Marche in BCE
    Steer clear of Jump/Ki/Bymark, etc. if it is tonight. Thursday nights are all about after work corporate drinking/picking up in those places, so IMHO, not suitable for a 10 year old.
    I would normally recommend Beer Bistro for a good burger, but it will also be full of Thursday night drinking crowd.
    If money's no object and you want to wow the kid, take him to Canoe and show him the view ;-)
    Terroni is not that far by cab for good pizza.
    I am not a big fan, but some people seem to like Hernando's Hideaway on Wellington.

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      Other than Marche, I think that 10 year olds might like The Old Spaghetti Factory:

      1. re: chutchut

        they might, but too bad about the food there - Richtree is not great, but better than Spaghetti Factory (which is not hard)
        it was an acceptable place over 25 years ago, but I think even children's palates have improved since then - speaking of which, does anyone remember The Organ Grinder. Have no recollection of the food, but I do remember the monkey with the cymbals

        1. re: pescatarian

          I agree that Richtree is better. At least that they could have some healthy choices there. I’m not quite sure about children's palates tough. Lots of my friends’ kids like places like Frankie’s Tomato, Spagetti Factory, which I’m not a fan of.

        2. re: chutchut

          I agree with pescatarian, who wrote in this thread...
          "Other than Marche, I think that 10 year olds might like The Old Spaghetti Factory: "

          A few years ago a German high school band visited Canada. We billeted a couple of the young members, and the host high school's Birchmount Park Band took them to the Spaghetti Factory. They gorged themselves, and said afterwards it was a highlight of their trip.

      2. Okay, not a "great" restaurant but a short taxi ride and it's right on the water with a great view of the lake, boats, etc, which might be kinda cool for the 10-yr-old. (although I doubt the patio will be open). Upscale pub fare. Casual. The Waterside Bistro on Queens Quay

        Waterside Bistro
        255 Queens Quay E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

        1. Try the Harbour Sports Grill, across the street from the Toronto Star building. My daughter loves eating there.