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Oct 18, 2007 10:39 AM

Bangkok Eats Questions

Will be in Bangkok in December. Interested in visiting some of the places described several years ago in a NY Times article by the late R.W. Apple. I know that several posts on Chowhound reported back negatively on Polo Fried Chicken, but does anyone have opinions on:

chute Chitr
Chua Kim Heng
Thip Samai
Aw Taw Kaw market stalls
Raan Jai Fai

Also, the article didn't mention addresses. Does anyone know exactly where these restaurants and markets are located?

Any other suggestion?

Much thanks in advance!

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  1. BTW, here is link to Apple's article:

    1. Aw Taw Kaw is very extensively discussed, and wonderfully so, in posts from a few years ago on the International board (before partition), especially in posts by Foodfirst and Curt the soi hound. Perhaps you can update some of that information. I ate a lot of good stuff there in February, but could never find the khanom jeen lady Foodfirst mentions, and don't have any particular places to recommend.

      It's really easy to find. Take the subway to Kampaeng Phet, emerge, and you are standing in the Aw Taw Kaw parking lot.

      1. Aw Taw Kaw is easily reached by the MRT (subway).
        Get off at the Kamphaengphet stop.

        Chua Kim Heng is a ways east on Petchaburi Road (becomes Pattankarn Road).
        You might take the MRT to Petchaburi and taxi from there.

        I'm one of the Polo Chicken dissenters.
        Years ago it was great.
        The last few times we went it's been simply awful.

        My site will give some details and other suggestions.

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        1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

          Everyone seems to go to Gai Tawd Polo. I used to live a couple hundred meters from that place and didn't really like it much either. The restaurant at the mouth of the soi does the same dish much better IMO. But they sell out early every night, so you can call ahead and reserve some. I would just drop by after work and ask them to save a couple of orders if we were going later. Always ask for some extra fried garlic ("kaw kratiem eek noi krap").

          I do like the Yam Plaa Dook Foo at Soi Polo though...

        2. We had a wonderful meal at Chote Chitr last year and also visited the Aw Taw Kaw market (did not eat there though). Plan on going back again this year to Chote Chitr.

          You can see lots of photos from both and my write-up on what we ate on my website:

          Click on the Thailand 04/06 trip.

          1. Here's a Gai Yang primer from today's Bangkok Post:

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            1. re: whs

              Gai yang haw dao, although appearing quite "corporate", is actually quite good.
              You'll have to get your own somtam though!

              You'll find them around Bangkok.