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Oct 18, 2007 10:37 AM

Burlington VT

My husband and I will be visiting Burlington for the weekend. Most of our trips usually revolve around food. Can you recommend some "must visit" food destinations in Burlington? On our last visit we enjoyed dinner at L'Amante, breakfast at Penny Clause and purchased goodies at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory and the Magic Hat Brewery.

Would you recommend Quatorze Bistro for dinner?


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  1. smokejacks is wonderful. there are also quite a few restaurants down on church st. i loved living there. also there is the inn at essex that is in essex juction right outside of burlington. it is where i got my culinary degree (new england culinary institute), very nice place to stay and eat.

    1. I feel like it's the same report as always....
      Trattoria Delia, for romantic authentic Italian food
      A Single Pebble, for traditional Chinese, go with staff recommendations
      L'Amante, but you've done it....
      Out of town... Starry Night in Ferrisburg
      Kitchen Table in Richmond

      Stay off Church Street, and I know this will draw out the comments but that includes, for me, Luenigs and Smokejacks... I haven't had a good meal or good service there in AGES!

      1. For lunch on Saturday you could check out the Farmers Market. It's in City Hall Park. (It's right off of church street.) I'd go with the Tamale Girl tamales, or a burger from the folks who raise their own beef. It's fun to people watch too.

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          That sounds great. Do you know if the farmer's market will still be running in November?

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            Farmers market closes Oct. 27. I'll suggest Magnolia or Skinny Pancake for breakfast. What about Pulcinella's? Any one been, and recommend it?

        2. Pho Dang on Main street in Winooski has gotten really good reviews here. Great lunch for a good price.

          Pho Dang Vietnamese Café
          215 Main St, Winooski, VT 05404

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            Also other bets outside of town, Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes and Sonoma Station in Richmond. But beware, it's peak foliage, so resies are a must and you may find it hard to get into some of the recommended places. I'd call today.

            ETA, the Green Room is also a fave of mine downtown.

          2. Can anyone suggest specialty food stores that we should visit? We are looking for locally produced goods (wine, cheese, chocolates, etc.) or gourmet food stores where we could pick up some wonderful stocking stuffers for Christmas.

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              Well, if you haven't left already....
              Here are some good cheese places - the cheese outlet is great.
              Cheese Outlet/Fresh Market, 400 Pine Street Burlington, VT
              Cheese Traders and Wine Sellers, 1186 Williston Road S. Burlington, VT

              City Market is great, they will have everything you want for local and gourmet. It's a local version of Whole Foods-like upscale but it's still the Onion River Coop that runs it (which back in my childhood was just bulk bins that you brought your own containers to fill!)
              City Market 82 S. Winooski Avenue Burlington, VT

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                I also love Magnolia, a wonderful spot for breakfast or lunch: