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Oct 18, 2007 10:37 AM

where to get the best carrot cake in boston?

am interested in either a full-size cake or cupcakes. thanks!

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  1. I am not certain its the best and its a bit sweet for me, but the only carrot cake in the area that has addicted me is the one made at Royal Pastry an Italian Bakery on Cambridge St in Cambridge. They sell it by the slice in squares, as well as in round cakes and I believe they would make you a whole sheet if desired.

    1. Not to short circuit the discussion, but just to add a few ideas, there was a pretty good thread on this back in April:

      I'll reiterate my recs for the Modern in the North End and Medford, as well as Lyndell's in Somerville.

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        I would like to know what the carrot cakes have in them (none of the recommendations in the linked thread say). That makes a big difference to me. I love walnuts in carrot cake, but hate raisins and pineapple in it. Lyndell's is near me. What's in theirs?

        1. re: maillard

          It's been a few months, but I seem to recall Lyndell's carrot cake being pretty basic, in a very good way.

          Definitely no pineapple, and I don't think there were any raisins, but walnut sounds right to me. Can anyone confirm? If not, I just may have to take one for the team over the weekend and find out for sure. Oh, the horror...

      2. oddly enough in Quincy Market there is a bakery called Carol Anns and they have kickin' carrot cake. Not nutty, not raisiny or pineapply- and not too too sweet. excellent frosting.

        1. Hi - It's pretty much out of the way but Kennedy's Market in Marlborough, Mass. has a supplier of cakes that provides the best we've found! The cakes are round....The also have introduced a "carrot bar" with a wafflely design in the top icing - looks delicious - might be better than cupcakes...The carrot bars ar $1.75 a piece...The cakes I don't remember how much they cost.
          The Curator of the World Carrot Museum asked me to blog you! You can find him in the
          office at
          It's on Route 85 which is also called Maple St.
          Good LUck!

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            > The Curator of the World Carrot Museum asked me to blog you!

            Well, this gets my vote for strangest sentence I've read all day.

          2. Finally tried the carrot cake at Petsi's - completely underwhelming. Very moist, but the batter wasn't chunky enough for me; it felt almost pureed. Frosting was there, covering the slice, doing its job, but tasting just of sweet, nothing else. There was an awful, huge, grossly sweet pumpkin candy on top.

            I hope the muffins are better.