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Oct 18, 2007 10:09 AM

Breakfast in or near St. Cloud (MSP)

Fellow Chowhounders,

I'll be at a wedding in St. Cloud this Saturday and my boyfriend and I are looking for a chow-worthy breakfast stop for Sunday morning. Nothing too fancy or pricey. Non-chain preferred.

We'll be heading back to Minneapolis afterward so we're hoping to find something either in St. Cloud or on the way home. I read on these boards about a place called Coffee Cup Cafe in Becker. Anyone know if it's worth stopping at?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Even though it's a truckstop.....
    We always stop at the one in Clearwater on our way up north. Can't vouch for breakfast, but they have great lunch items including yummy wild rice soup!
    Called Nelson Bros....Here's a link...

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      I'm also a regular at the Clearwater Travel Plaza. They are excellent for the take-out items but I wouldn't recommend the sit-down restaurant at all (which would be the source for breakfast there).

      Aside from that I unfortunately have no expertise on St. Cloud area breakfasts.

    2. I posted about Coffee Cup Cafe in Becker here: I've only stopped at this place once, but I really thought their breakfast was very good. I've been pining for their "fritter" french toast ever since...those were fantastic. I also really wanted to try their bisquits because they looked really good on their little buffet (they were out of the chicken fried steak the morning I stopped in, so I decided against the bisquit dishes altogether and didn't get to try the bisquits.)

      And it definitely meets your "not too fancy or pricey" and "non-chain-preferred" requirements. Most all the cooking is from scratch.

      Personally, I keep trying to think of a reason to go to St. Cloud so I can have an excuse to eat at this place again.

      We've tried to stop at the Clearwater Travel Plaza for breakfast once or twice--it's exceedingly convenient, located right off of 94--,but the place is always a zoo on weekend mornings for breakfast the times we've tried with long waits, so we've always bailed. They do have a freezer full of some interesting meats and such (but McDonald's--which I posted about in the same post as the Coffee Cup-- is a better stop for meats, if you go the Coffee Cup route) and a bakery as well, but again, such a zoo'ish atmosphere that I've always left without buying anything--seems like too much bother. There's no zoo atmosphere at the Coffee Cup, though you'd have to take Highway 10 to St. Cloud if you want to stop at the Coffee Cup.

      There's a place next to the Clearwater Travel Plaza called Keith's Kettle or something like that that looks like it's an old Denny's that I've always found intriquing, but I've never tried it. Has anyone ever stopped there?


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Keith's Kettle has given my wife and I serious laughs for years. The sign with (presumably) Keith on it is hilarious -- he sure looks like a nice guy and that he would know his food. We've sworn we would go there but every time we're in Clearwater, we're either eager to finish our drive home or eager to get up north or wherever it is we're going. One of these days. Same goes for a couple of places on the east side of St. Cloud where Highway 10 meets Highway 23. There's a tiny little burger shack off a side street and a greasy spoon diner (never open when we're going by...usually evenings) kind of by the DQ.

        Maybe you should organize a Road Trip Chowdown TDQ!

        1. re: MSPD

          Well I'll be damned, we wound up at Keith's Kettle after all! My boyfriend had eaten there a handful of times on various trips up to SCSU and Duluth so he knew it was a safe bet. We rolled in a little later than the planned breakfast outing (had a little too much fun at the wedding!) but were definitely jonesin' for some good lunch food so we stopped in.

          I had the tuna melt with a cup of vegetable beef barley and he had "Keith's Flaming Kettle" burger - a huge burger topped with grilled onions and some sort of homemade hot sauce. For a few cents more you could order jalapenos that had been griddled with the onions so he did. And I proceeded to watch him sweat his way through the rest of the meal.

          Overall and AWESOME place for lunch and I'd bet breakfast or dinner too.

          Thanks for the recs!