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Oct 18, 2007 10:02 AM

Jamaican Dutchy, Midtown Luch Cart - WOW

My third time. Always had jerk chicken, very good. Strayed from the usual and had stew chicken and a taste of the curry. WOW. Stew chicken was moist although braised with a very flavorful - hint of spice -sauce. No need for a knife as it just fell apart deliciously on the fork. My only issue were the bits of cartiledge, which I understand:"bone on, more flavor, authentic, etc" but I did almost choke. I need to slow down and take smaller bites, but it was so good. Fried plantains came out great despite length of time between frying and tasting - not soggy, as I would have expected and great flavor. Rice and beans reasonably tasty but cabbage only OK - too many hard chunks. But that chicken, awesome..... the combination of the moist meat, the tangy sauce, bits of yucca and/or squash, superb...

The curry might even have been better. A hint more spice, great flavor. Big chunks of white meat with perfectly cooked carrots. Now, this presents a quandry - what to odrer? All three, including the jerk chicken are terrific.

The cart is high-tech (a flat screen mounted on the side of the truck plays Bob Marley videos) and appears remarkably clean. I had heard of long waits and slow service - I went today, a Thursday at 1230pm, no line, fast and friendly service. A real winner.

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  1. Yeah, I think they've fixed their slowness issues. The last couple of times I went there was barely a line and it moved fairly quick. The jerk chicken and stewed chicken are my favorites too.

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          I believe the cart BillyBob mentioned is on 51st and 7th. Haven't been yet, but I've walked by it many times and there's always a line. Now that I know what to order, maybe I'll get over there for lunch next week.

        2. Seriously! Is this cart in Midtown East or West?

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            It's on 51st, between 6th and 7th (almost on the corner of 7th) on the north side of the street.

          2. I finally ate here today. Went around 12:30 and there was no line (may have been due the weather) and the service was quick. I've never had Jerk Chicken before so I didn't know what to expect, but it was very tasty. You just have to watch out for some of the smaller bones. I got the small for $7.50 and it was quite filling. I will defintely be back soon to try some of the other things on menu.

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              I think they've fixed the line problem. They are alot faster now than when they first started.

              1. re: randumbposter

                this may be a silly question- I don't frequent the lunch cart scene- but are they there on weekends?

                1. re: lucyj

                  No, this cart is only open Monday-Friday. BTW, the curry chicken was very good.