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Oct 18, 2007 09:49 AM

Vietnam: Hoi An cooking classes

Hey folks,

I'll be in Vietnam in November and December and heard that Hoi An is a great place for food as well as a good place for a cooking class.

Some searching came up with three possibilities:

Cafe 96 -
Red Bridge -
Hai Scout Cafe -

Has anyone done any of these classes? Any recommendations?

Also, any tips on good food in HOi An in general would be great -- a search didn't turn anything up.

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  1. I haven't done any classes in Hoi An, but I do also remember seeing a cooking class held at Cargo Club.

    I ate well in Hoi An, but wasn't blown away by the food. People have told me that Saigon is much better for food. However, Hoi An is a beautiful picturesque town. Be sure to try the cao lau. I enjoyed it very much -- got it from a street vendor. It was light, fresh, savory . The other dish Hoi An is known for is called white rose, a wonton. Wasn't too crazy about that dish, at least the version I had. I know Cafe des Amis has gotten a lot of great reviews, but I didn't like it very much.I thought a lot of the food was carelessly prepared. I really did like Cargo Club, a more Westernized Vietnamese place. I didn't want to like it as I thought it was going to be dumbed down Vietnamese food. But I was wrong. Order from the Vietnamese side of the menu and you'll get really well prepared, flavorful food. Their pastries were also the best I've found in Hoi An as well.

    1. i was underwhelmed by Hoi An in general.

      Like the other poster here, i was disappointed by Cafe Des Amis: i had the seafood set meal -- it was decent at best and i don't understand the great reviews...

      i also ate at Cargo Club...again fine, but nothing too exciting...the white rose dish is tasty enough: sort of about the texture of the rice flour...

      Not sure why the guidebooks rave about Hoi An, foodwise or otherwise: personally i found both Hue and Hanoi to be more charming..

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        Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one. I was kind of perplexed that nothing was wonderful, considering that Bourdain moved to the outskirts of Hoi An for a year.