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Oct 18, 2007 09:40 AM

Yoki at Station Landing

Went yesterday for lunch with DC around 1:30. I have read posts on Yelp and wanted to try. Very welcoming and clean. Decor was really neutral with a few flat screens on cnn. We sat in booths and both had the bento box with teriyaki chicken. Server was friendly and fairly quick (except at the end when we had to get up to get our check after being done with food for 15 mins)

miso soup as a starter, nice and simple. bento was good. three pcs california roll were pretty good. the tempura was really good-light and tasty. the teriyaki was ok. it was more cooked chix cutlet with ladled teryaki sauce. the chix was fine and tender. the ginger dressing served on the greens was a nice surprise, a lot of ginger and really good. the rice was really yummy. wonderful scented and plently sticky. nice bits of fresh pineapple and berries to finish.

overall a good experience and i would like to go back and try their noodles and sushi

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  1. I've had the sushi though not since they opened. It was good, not exceptional. Fresh fish, the rice held together well and wasn't overly seasoned nor was it bland. I will go again, but it didn't stand out as anything really extraordinary.

    1. We've gotten take out sushi on several occasions - I may even stop by tonight on way home. I think it is very good and prices are very reasonable.

      1. Sounds like things have improved since they opened. I didn't fancy the sound of it then....

        1. Has anyone been here recently? We were thinking about giving it a try.

          1. I went to Yoki for the first time over the weekend. I was a bit skeptical due to the mixed reviews on the board, but decided to keep an open mind. We arrived around 8 on a Saturday and there were not a ton of people dining. Initially were excited about the prospect of sitting outside, but the hostess let us know that their liquor license does not apply to the outdoor seats, so we stuck with an inside table.

            I had sushi and was content with my order. Tried spicy tuna, rock&roll maki, and crazy maki (I think). I enjoyed the first two, but found the crazy maki to be fishy tasting. Wasn't sure if that was due to the freshness, or the fact that I don't usually order soft-shell crab in things, so perhaps just a flavor I'm not used to (I think it was the former issue though). Rolls were well crafted and stayed together well, even the ones that were larger in diameter.

            My roommate had the habachi trio. It was a combo of steak, chicken, and shrimp in terryaki with noodles and mixed veggies. Shrimp were well cooked, and steak was a bit closer to med-well than medium. Chicken was dry. the veggies were just steamed and added to the plate at the end, so they didn't have any seasonings but were cooked fine.

            Overall I won't be rushing to get back there, but won't swear it off either. The prices were fine, and I like the look of the interior.