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Oct 18, 2007 09:28 AM

DFW suggestion?

I am looking for restaurant suggestions for a birthday dinner celebration in the DFW area. First choice would be something Asian/Chinese. Not PF Changs. I am looking for something out of the ordinary, something unique. Any ideas?

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  1. byob? how big a party? expensive, trendy, thai, chinese, korean, japanese?

    1. I'm way out of the loop, but what about First Chinese BBQ or Arc-en-Ciel? I haven't been to either in well over a year, but I remember both places being pretty good. Especially the sauteed water spinach at 1st Chinese...

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        First Chinese IS very good. Probably my favorite in the area. I don't know how well it would be suited for the party depending on the size and nature, but yes, it's delicious!

      2. I've been to a few birthday dinners at Caravelle in Richardson. Sometimes weddings are held on the weekend so you have to call in advance to make sure there isn't one. I think it's BYOB too. Two of my favorite dishes, served family style, are the lemongrass tofu with string beans and beef with snow pea leaves. The ladies that work there are very sweet as well.

        1. New San Dor in Plano has a semi-private separate dining area. The cuisine is like First Chinese BBQ but with more seafood on the menu and less Chinese BBQ. The atmosphere is a little nicer.