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Oct 18, 2007 09:06 AM

Good Food Delivered in San Carlos?

Pregnant with twins and on bedrest. I am starving for some good food and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for places that deliver to San Carlos?

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  1. The usual suspects come to mind first:

    Yan's Garden for reliable Chinese food and quick delivery

    Amici's Redwood Shores

    Perhaps an equally good resource for you are the boards at the San Carlos/Belmont Mother's Club:
    Their boards are quite busy and perfect for questions like this. I do know that they even have an option where once in a while a member will bring you a home-cooked dinner.

    1. OK, when using the words "good" and "delivery" be sure to calibrate your expectations by remembering that you're looking for delivery in San Carlos, not Manhattan...
      The ones that orezscu mentioned are probably at the top of our list. I would also add:

      Saffron Indian Bistro
      1143 San Carlos Ave
      San Carlos, CA 94070
      (650) 593-4269

      Siamese Kitchen
      637 Laurel St
      San Carlos, CA 94070
      (650) 592-3277

      I don't think either of these places get a ton of love from Chowhounders looking for authentic culinary revelations, but given the universe you've got to work with, they are both more than acceptable.