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Oct 18, 2007 08:22 AM

Embarrassed to Order a Dish in a Restaurant?

While I enjoy eating liver, it takes me a bit of nerve to order it in a restaurant. I know this is my own insecurity and lack of confidence. It probably reminds of the time I was teased in school for bringing in a chopped liver sandwich. Just curious if others felt this way about ordering any specific dishes?

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  1. sometimes i don't order things b/c i know my hubby will think them gross... like liver, but not out of embarrasment, just don't want to ruin his appetite I guess.

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      What, is the waiter going into the back and snickering "Table 40 just ordered the calamari etc"

      It's hard to be embarassed in front of no one and if you are worried about your companion, well, then you should be worried about your companion and not your entree.

    2. I like organ meat, too and get excited when I see it on the menu. Unfortunately I know some very picky eaters who are grossed out by foods that in any way resemble their raw state so often have to pass so as to not put them off their dinner.

      1. The only dishes I'm embarrassed to order are the skeevily named maki at some sushi places. I'm sorry, but I won't say "I want a Sexy Roll" out loud in a restaurant.

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          Yeah, I refuse to order the 69 roll and the orgasm roll at a sushi place we frequent, even though thry both sound tasty.

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            Same as ordering the one-night-stand roll when you're with your co-worker. It's got lobster in it and I am dying to try it!

        2. They put it on the menu, so fire away and order whatever sounds tasty. You can be pretty sure the chef will be pleased if nothing else.

          1. i've never been embarrassed to order something.

            the most recent example would probably be the lamb fries (or testicles) at an iranian restaurant but after the little jokes died down and i got a couple of people to try it, they really did enjoy it. it often happens like that, at least with my dining companions, that they'll find a new appreciation for something they would never have expected to like. as long as you dont' act finicky about it they seem to figure out that hey, it's not so bad.