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Oct 18, 2007 07:36 AM

Any good Chinese on the North Shore?

I've found, Thai, Middle Eastern (Israeli, Persian, Turkish), Kosher, Kosher Style, Italian, Japanese. What about Chinese?

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  1. Abu, If by your posting, you mean that there is good Thai food on the North Shore, then any Chinese restaurant will do and there are many of them.

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    1. re: budcar

      I guess my posting does imply that I found a good version of all styles listed. I've been to Sarin Thai twice for lunch, had the mussamun curry both times, and thought it was pretty good. I can name 5 thai places in Queens I'd choose before Sarin, but I live on the North Shore now. As for my Chinese quest, even the most hardened chowhound food critic can draw a distinction between good Americanised crappy Chinese food and bad. And if you can't, the distinction is that the bad doesn't taste good, at any level. So, to modify, does anyone know of any: (a) "Real" Chinese places in North Shore; or, (b) good, Americanised, crappy Chinese food?

      1. re: abu applesauce

        For Americanized, crappy Chinese food that does taste good, the Hunan restaurant across from Macy's on Northern Boulevard is pretty good. If you just try to forget about the kind of authentic food that is now so easily accessible, you can have a good meal there.

        1. re: LloydG

          Like you, I'm a fan of wild Ginger in Great Neck. Would you not agree that the best chinese food in the area is at Wild Ginger? When I go with the family the kids love the dumplings and noodles, the menu has many items found on "regular" chinese restaurant menus. When I want good old fashioned chinese food and I'm willing to travel a bit I I go to King Yum on Union Turnpike and 181 street, still great food and a fun family place with the "tiki" decor. Otherwise like most hounds I go to Flushing.

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            I agree that Wild Ginger is among the best in the area. The tricky thing, at least for me, about Chinese food is that sometimes I actuallly prefer the greasy spoon takeout stuff, sometimes I prefer the higher quality places (like Wild Ginger), and every now and then I like to try a place I rarely go to, such as Shanghai Pavillion in Port Washington. I'm the same way in Flushing, although of course the choices are better. Sometimes I just want street food, sometimes Corner 28, sometimes S&T, etc.

            In Great Neck these days my kids prefer Elaine's. I prefer Wild Ginger, but Elaine's serves mini-burgers, and one of my kids doesn't like Chinese (in my mind calling into question the whole basis of genetic inheritance).

            1. re: LloydG

              I completely understand the need for "greasy spoon takeout stuff". Lets just say with two young children at home I am no stranger at Tea Village on Middleneck and Baker. Solid eggrolls,ribs,chowfun and General Tzo.

              1. re: LloydG

                I know what you mean about genetic inheritance. My daughter doesn't eat chocolate.

                BTW, Elaines is on and you can buy a $25 coupon good on a $50 order for $10 ($3 currently if you use the code TREATS). We're actually going there for dinner on Sunday night since we have to be in the area to see my father at a rehab center.

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  Thanks, I'd never heard of that site. I just got a certificate, which I'm sure I'll use in the next month or so. The place is a little bit expensive, so the certificate helps.

                  1. re: LloydG

                    Yeah, I wouldn't eat there for full price but with a $22 discount it's acceptable. PS since the certificate says you have to give it to them in advance, please post back here after you go and let us know if you thought your portion sizes were smaller because of it. I'm always paranoid about places that ask for the coupon before ordering.

      2. Shanghai Pavillion on Main St. in Port Washington is pretty good. Especially the noodle dishes, crispy whole fish, and salt & pepper calamari.
        That said, nothing compares to what you can get in Flushing/Queens.

        1. Northern Manor on Northern Blvd around Little Neck Parkway is the real deal for Hong Kong style fresh seafood!!!

          1. I don't consider Wild Ginger to be Chinese, but rather pan-Asian. I like Uncle Dai's in Glen Cove, or Fortune Wheel in Levittown. Uncle Dai's offers a variety of what we know as typical Long Island chinese, along with other types of dishes. Fortune Wheel has great dim sum, better than many of the FLushing and Chinatown restaurants. They have a full menu as well and food is good. Many also like Hunan on Northern Blvd. in Greenvale, but I have not been there in years.