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Oct 18, 2007 07:35 AM

RI Sushi Recommendations

Hey all,

going out for sushi tonight. I wanted to try a new place since I'm tired of the usuals in my area (Ran Zan, haruki east). I was thinking about going back to the original haruki in Cranston. I remember it being very good. Anyone recommend another place?


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  1. Not to be a wise-ass, but searching is your friend:

    Rhode Island Sushi

    1. Haruki is still good. Have you tried Ten Steak & Sushi?

      1. make a trip to new japan before it's gone (building's being converted)
        hiyama-san may not have a sushi bar with a saltwater fishtank or funky beads (no knock on 10 prime - just that it's tiny & no-frills) but it's always been solid, if understated.

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          Hum, can't say I love New Japan, and searching certainly is one's friend. I'll paste below my post from the earlier thread. It certainly still applies today!

          "Ah, one of my favorite RI Chowhound topics is back!

          I agree that the Harukis (both) are probably the freshest and most consistent of the bunch, but neither blows me away. Despite the fact I live about 1 block away from Haruki East, I just can't get into it... I don't know if it's the shape of the space, the size of the space, the bland atmosphere (why do people think it's hip?), the frosted-over windows you can't see out of, or the fact that the air in there seems to always be 25% more humid than it is outside... I just can't warm to the place. Too bad... If I liked it more, I'd probably be there every week...

          It is a shame that Sakura isn't as fresh and is more sloppy in presentation, since I love their atmosphere and "mom and pop" feel. They also have a far more extensive menu than Sakura...

          This reluctantly leaves Tokyo as my favorite. Acceptable freshness, huge menu, reasonable prices. Unfortunately, they have had consistently the worst (as defined by servers just forgetting about you, what you ordered, charging you for things you didn't order, etc) service I've had in the STATE...

          That leaves the others:
          - Ran Zen: Just fine overall, although the menu struck me as a bit limited. It's like the Japanese version of the nearby Restaurant Oak. OK food. OK atmosphere. OK prices. In that respect, it's very much a neighborhood restaurant, not really a "destination" place...

          - New Japan: Opinions tend to vary widely on this one, seemingly (I have found) by how long you've been in the city. If you've been here a while, it's an "institution." If you've been weaned on other big cities' sushi, though, it feels more "institutional." I haven't had a good meal there, and each time the young, lone female server has been completely overwhelmed. Cleanliness of the small, dim, unloved space was not inspirational (which, in my view, is fatal for a sushi place) and there there wasn't enough, ah, separation between the dining area and the outside street environment for my tastes (I won't elaborate on this one any more)...

          - 10: One of my favorite restaurants in the city. The sushi there is the height of fusion and creativity (and cost). Don't look for authentic here, but anything 10 does is bound to be satisfying and stylish if nothing else...

          - Cafe Yuni: Closed... :-(

          And that's the state of things. I consider the lack of even one top-flight sushi option in Providence a major flaw in our dining scene. I likewise was disappointed that it seems Pauli Moto's (Morimoto's more downscale chain, but still more upscale as far as Asian than anything in Providence) doesn't seem to be coming to G-Tech after all, if rumors are to be believed.

          I've got my fingers crossed that the more upscale pan-Asian Chinese Laundry on N. Main (supposedly opening later this year, and done by the same folks responsible for 10 and XO) will be the culinary therapy I've been waiting for...

          - Garris

          PS: One friend of mine who adores sushi basically doesn't eat out here but just buys from Whole Foods, convinced that the maki rolls of the restaurants here aren't much better. I really can't disagree with her...

          PS2: My favorite sushi thus far in New England has been the very expensive Douzo in Back Bay, Boston, although I haven't been to Oishii yet..."

          1. re: Garris

            Don't overlook Uncle Sushi in Cranston. No sushi bar and not a lovely atmosphere but fabulous fish. Love it. 570 Reservoir Ave, Cranston, 781-6193.

            1. re: jsd

              I would like to second Uncle Sushi. Very good rolls, and the guy behind the counter will make you feel right at home.

              1. re: malyna

                Uncle Sushi rocks...we do take out there quite a bit. Not a great place for in-house dining, but you can't argue with the fish. It's byob.

            2. re: Garris

              I'll agree on the WF solution - very fresh and tasty, though the maki rounds are really too large to make for pleasurable eating. If you've eaten sushi there recently you'll notice the hike in prices btw.
              Have been going to Quan's Kitchen regularly now and it's very nice from A to Z. Perfect size maki cuts and delicate nigiris. VERY fresh taste. and such a clean and friendly place! Most Japanese restaurants leave this unmistakable odor on your clothes - this restaurant doesn't. WIsh they were in Providence. No background music like at Haruki's, but a warmer atmosphere all around.

              1. re: madgee

                Has anyone tried the sushi restaurant right off Broadway in Newport yet?

          2. For those willing to cross the line (to Stonington) there is Fuji. Good atmosphere, and I've enjoyed every meal I've had there.

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            1. re: karlssoni

              Fuji is fabulous! Can't recommend it enough!

              Recently went to the Sea Shai in Brick Marketplace in Newport and sat at the sushi bar...the chef made some really delicious and different things for us.