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Oct 18, 2007 07:31 AM

Grandma's Grotto in Horsham

I'm not sure if I've posted here about this place, but it's really something special! I am totally addicted - they do incredible Italian, just like the stuff I miss so much from NY.

Pizzas are awesome, with a thin and crispy crust that is just totally spot-on (owners say they bring the water for the dough in from NY and I believe them). The sauce is homemade and not-too-sweet and they use fresh mozzarella.

They do chicken/eggplant/etc rolls, which are otherwise unheard of in this area. If you grew up in the NYC area you know what I mean. Again, spot-on, so good!!! I missed these SO much...

The dinner entrees are amazing too. Homemade desserts (especially the tiramisu) are out of this world. And it's BYO.

I just can't rave enough about this place... it's like a little bit of NY in Horsham, which makes this transplant very, very happy!

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  1. Thanks, we will have to give it shot for lunch one day.

    1. Can you explain what a chicken roll is? My son has been looking for a place that serves them since he had them in New York 2 years ago.

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        Wow, late reply, didn't see this until now... it's pizza dough wrapped around chicken cutlet, tomato sauce and mozz cheese. The dough really has to be right though... thin...

      2. We tried Grandma's Grotto Saturday night, and the place was virtually empty around 6 PM. We came to order take-out pizza (by the way, the take-out menu is reportedly being printed) and to find out what the difference was between "traditional" "Brooklyn" and all the other pizza options on the menu. It would help if there was a description on the menu. We ended up ordering 2 Sicilian pies (large squares), one Grandma's thin crust, and the other John John's classic (home-made mozzarella), each was about $17, not cheap. They were tasty but not outstanding, nothing special about the crust, sauce good, not much cheese on either one. We all agreed that the pizza was fine, but we probably won't go back. Still looking for good pizza in the area. We'll go to Glen Macnow's list next.

        1. I am very suprised anyone likes it there. We have been there twice and had terrible experiences both times. First is the service, it was ok the first time but our second experience was terrible the waitress was rude and when we talked to the owner's wife she managed to somehow be even ruder! We actually walked out. The pizza is average but SALTY. They also will only serve pizza in the dining room if you order the larger $17 pies. It is a scam. I deal with Tacconelli's quirks because of the pizza...this place is no Tacconelli's. There are better places around.

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            I live very close to Grandmas's Grotto and every time I pass by, it seems empty. I did try their Pizza, once, ala take out, and was not overly impressed. It certainly did not taste as good as a real NYC pizza I'm accustomed too. I don't know how long they can last without a steady dine in trade. Sad part is, they have an excellent location on a very heavily traveled road and still cannot draw a crowd, go figure.

            1. re: IamStarving

              I was very happy with the food there. I had a veal parm and it was ridiculously amazing. We also shared a pizza which was also great, not too much cheese not too much sauce perfect amount of both. the dough was light and crispy.i moved here from NY 5 years ago and its the best food i've had here. They also now deliver which i guess they didn't before

              1. re: letsgophillies

                Update: Just tried their Scicillian Brooklyn Pie. very good although I got take out and the place was mobbed. (No Pun intended). Cheese could have been melted more, but the sauce was great, very flavorful.

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