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Oct 18, 2007 06:52 AM

Special occasion dinner recs in Fairfield County?

Any suggestions for a place that would be good to bring my boyfriend for a celebratory dinner? We love sushi if anyone knows of a good place in the area. So far we have only been let down by that genre having tried Sakura (awful and cheesy atmosphere), Kazu (decent), and Asiana (also decent) etc...Open to any type of food so long as it is clean and fresh in a nice atmosphere!

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  1. I'm a fan of Matsu, in Westport. It might not be the uber-high end, but it is very nice and the sushi is very good.

    1. You could try Tengda in Darien (they also have other locations, I think in Greenwich and Fairfield?) for asian fusion with one of the best sushi bars in the area.

      Clean, and reasonably hip in a CT gold coast sort of way...that is to say, a small hint of "urban-ness" in an overwhelmingly suburban setting.

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        We went to Tengda and were not impressed by the food at all...maybe it was an off night?

      2. Duo - Stamford.

        If you're willing to look beyond sushi/asian cuisine - you'll get a loy more recs for special occason dinner spots. Here's a good starting point:

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          Thanks...Duo has been getting mixed reviews around here. I am willing to eat any type of food so long as it is fresh and clean...

          1. re: ced9

            The food at Duo is very very good - the issue right now is the service, and that's only because they are so new. I like to sit at the sushi bar, and have gotten to know the staff who are so SO friendly...I haven't had a bad night yet, but others have.

        2. ocean 211 in stamford.
          very good seafood, very large check.

          1. Wasabi Chi in Sono is a great spot. The sushi is very good, but the other "small plates" are even better...Tuna Millenium, Wasabi Calamari, Tuna Tartare, dumplings, etc. We also like the sushi at Matsu in Westport, although the atmosphere isn't great.