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Oct 18, 2007 06:49 AM

Dickey's barbeque chain to St. Louis

St. Louis is supposed to get 3 Dickey's barbeque places in the next year. Has anyone tried them in other cities? Are they worth waiting for?

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  1. Have never tried it but there is one opening right down the street from me evidently. Where the Wendy's was out on Manchester. Hope they are good or we'll boot them out like we did with Smokey Bones...


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      God smokey bones was bad wasn't it? I could never figure why people liked that place. It just tasted like someone had shipped precooked ribs and then just slathered some sauce.

      OG Barbecue

    2. I went to the Cedar Rapids, IA location a month after it opened, at 7 on a Saturday. Out of ribs. Out of cornbread. The brisket and the shoulder were both dry, dry, dry, but I frequently find them too dry for my taste other than at competitions. It wasn't cheaper than my local paper plate bbq joint, and it certainly wasn't better, so I drive the extra miles and go there when I have the need.

      There is a chains board where you can probably search for more opinions than you'll get here.

      1. Ate at one in Dallas 10 yeaers ago that was great.

        1. The Best Barbeque restaurant in the St. Louis area...the best

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            Boy this is an old thread.

            I don't know where you have been kateynancey, but most reviews of Dickies have been terrible.

            Did you ever go Marymac?


          2. For a chain, my Dallas friends tell me it's reasonably well thought of there, and at DFW airport, I had some between flights that was pretty good, but in an airport, one's standards are always under stress. The one we have here on Olive has been bad on the first visit and absolutely dreadful on the second.