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Oct 18, 2007 06:22 AM

Lunch suggestions in downtown Towson?

I'm meeting a friend for lunch today in Towson, and we're looking to try something different from our usual. (Usual includes: the various Indian buffets; Sushi Hana; Thai One On.) He's coming on his lunch break from work, so it pretty much has to be walking distance from the circle.

Is there anything worthwhile down there that we might not notice, or might not think is going to be good, or might not suspect serves a reasonable lunch? For a town with so many options, we sure are having trouble coming up with someplace to go.

Thanks, all....

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    1. re: Pool Boy

      Yes Pasta Mista's a very good option, good chicken parm subs. Across the street from the mall

    2. It's market day on Allegheny today, so alot of the places grill/bbq outside. There is also good pizza and Italian at Strapazza on the same street.

      1. How about Pollo Amigo? (Peruvian chicken and Mexican/Salvadorian)
        714 York Road, Towson, MD 410-494-0061
        It's north of the circle on York, just passed the bridal boutique on the left (J'Belle?) in the first strip mall in the same location as Future Nails, next to the Towson Diner.

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        1. I still miss going to Kabob Hut. Zero ambience, but incredibly cheap and tasty food.