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Oct 18, 2007 06:11 AM

Visiting with 7 and 8 year old-- 1st Chinatown experience

Hi Hounds-
My kids are pretty adventurous suburban kids. Love sushi, thai, korean etc. We are taking them to a show next week and I want to take them to Chinatown. (They have been to the city numerous times but never Chinatown) I'm looking for 2 suggestions-- we're not sure if we are going to c-town on sat night or sun am:

One for Saturday night: NY Noodletown? Skyway? Oriental Garden? My daughter loves ANY seafood-- hubby and son more noodle/tofu/chicken folks. We will be early-- 530 or 6 ish.

One for Sun am: What's the best for real cart dim sum these days? Also prefer a dim sum place where they have stations for other types of food in addition to real cart service. Would love to wow the kids with one of the huge banquet type places.

TIA! and if you ever need advice on New England let me know.

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  1. noodletown might be the best bet for your saturday dinner. in my experience it's a better all-arounder than oriental garden, where i've had really lovely seafood dishes but meh chicken/pork. i love skyway, but even very adventurous 7-8 yr olds might not be into some of the flavors or levels of spicing (things veer towards the funky and the very hot). you know your kids best though, obviously, and if you want to try malaysian with them then skyway would be my top pick for the area. there are lots of posts here discussing what to order. i'm partial to the pearl noodles, the curry mee with young tau fu, and the oyster pancake.

    1. I haven't been to the others but really like NY Noodletown (I live in Queens so when I want Chinese food, I head to Flushing since it's closer). Their noodles are terrific and they have the best soy sauce chicken.

      1. Here's what I'd do: On saturday go to Joe's Shanghai for some Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). They aren't quite as refined as the one's you'd get in Asia, but they sure are tasty! Then, head on over to Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (which I have yet to go...but I started an ice-cream thread a few days ago and Hounders rave about it!) for some dessert!

        On Sunday, hit up XO Kitchen located on Hester and try their Century Egg Porridge. If that doesn't quite tickle your fancy, they have an extensive (and cheap!) menu that'll definitely cater to you kids' adventurous needs. Good luck!

        You like to eats?

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          I second the Joe's Shanghai/Chinatown Ice Cream Factory combination. I did this a few weeks ago with my twin 8 year old daughters, one of whom is adventurous and one of whom is very pciky. I really like the food at Joe's (had a ginger chicken dish last time that was fabulous) and the ice cream place is great, with adventurous grownup flavors in addition to the usual.

          1. re: LloydG

            the black sesame flavor is amazing.

        2. Sat night: Yeah Shanghai for soup dumplings, Shanghai noodles, pork shoulder, clams with black bean sauce, crabs with ginger and scallions. The kids'll like the little bridge over the mini-goldfish pond. If Noodletown is too crowded, this is just down the street.

          Sunday dimsum: Golden Bridge (SW corner of Bowery and Canal, 2nd floor, ex-Silver Palace) for all the hustle and bustle. Sure, not as good as places in Brooklyn, Flushing, Oakland, LA, bla bla, but a fun scene nonetheless. We usually go to the place on East Broadway under the bridge (south side of street, behind the mini-mall, next to the playground; not Triple Eight, across from it), but I'm embarrased to say I don't remember the name. They have good offerings wok'ed up from a table in the back, in addition to the usual cart suspects.

          1. Visually I think Jing Fong is the best locale for dim sum because it projects the best ambience of being in Hong Kong, and it's one of the better cart venues.