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Oct 18, 2007 04:26 AM

Manhattan Beach Dinner

Looking for a place for a great dinner in Manhattan Beach for 6 people - something fun, with great food, festive atmosphere. Any thoughts?

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  1. I think Petros would be a nice spot to try. Its Greek Food with a Modern Flair, otherwise in my opinion its pretty much a wasteland here for "great food"

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      I agree that MB is pretty much a wasteland -- that's the principle reason I had to move from there a few years ago. That said, Petros is probably the best recommendation for fun, tasty, festive.

      MB does breakfast very well -- I should give the town that much credit.

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        I third the Petros recommendation. Definitely avoid all of the chains listed below. If you'd like something more reasonably priced, maybe Musha in Torrance would work for you.

        1. re: ElissaInPlaya

          Elissa.. Nice pick with Musha.. I went to the Santa Monica location a few weeks back I was not that impressed when I compared that dinner to the Torrance Location.. Sorry Guys!!

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            No need to avoid Houston's. They're the one chain worth having around.

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              I second that. I avoided Houston's when I moved to MB, thinking that it looked "chainey". I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally tried it, and got great menu recos from the excellent waitress.

              1. re: Tony Miller

                Houston's has its place. But I respectfully disagree with recommending it for someone who is looking for a fun, festive place with great food.

        2. The Big Wok is fun and inexpensive. It's a Mongolian BBQ place where you select your own veggies, meats, and sauces, and they cook it for you right before your eyes. Fun place for lots of people to socialize.

          1. On Rosecrans not too far from MB is Cozymel for fancy Mexican. Houston's is nearby as well as PF Chang's. McCormick and Smicks has high end seafood. Looking for more casual try Island's for fancy burgers or Tequila Willy's if it's still there in the Manhattan Beach mall?

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              would not consider pf chang's to be 'great food,' i don't even consider it to be good food, imho, it's simply greasy food aimed at the lowest common denominator.

            2. Your best bets are probably Rock n' Fish for seafood and Pancho's for Mexican. Pancho's isn't right in the downtown area...it's a little bit north of there, but it is particularly festive. It probably meets your needs best if you don't mind that it's not quite in downtown MB. Haven't eaten at Petros, so I can't comment on their food...but I've walked by it a million times and it didn't look particularly fun/festive to me. Please not go to Cozymel, it's terrible.

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              1. re: Nicole

                Funny -- I like Cozymel, don't like Pancho's.

                1. re: Tony Miller

                  This sounds like a horse race between clydesdales... Neither have good food, but Pancho's gets the nod for the kitschy, festive atmosphere inside. It's a bit of an institution in Manhattan Beach, not that that provides any assurance of quality food.

              2. Bora Bora. Plain and simple. it is the most underrated place in Manhattan Beach.

                Great decor, nice beachy crowd, GREAT beer (they have brother thelonious and hitachino belgian style white all....nuff said!).

                The food is quite good. I am a food snob (I hate being one!!!!), so nothing in the beach cities except la sosta enoteca and japonica really impresses me, but you will love Bora Bora. It is on the north end, so it is a bit isolated, but its worth it. you can WALK (walking in LA, I know.....) to skarkeez for some beers after.

                check it out. you will be pleasantly surprised I think.

                Not to insult the other readers but PF Changs, Daily Grill, McCormick And Smics are chains in an industrial part of town while there are so many unique, fun restaurants in a beach-urban setting west of PCH.

                If you want chain mediocrity, might as well go to Redondo Beach and eat the chart house or kincaids. They are not great, but certainly better than PF changs and M and S. Speaking of that, Gina Lees Bistro in redondo beach is much better than PF changs, and you should go if you make it down that far south and Iike PF changs.

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                1. re: jlrobe

                  This whole series of comments is depressing me because I live in Redondo. The only recommendations to be taken seriously are La Sosta and Gina Lee's. Admittedly, I'll have to give Bora Bora a shot. The requester asked for "great food" and people are suggesting chains, Mexican-American fare, and Rock'N'Fish. All mediocre on a good day.

                  Petros is trendy and the location is great if you dine on the patio. Inside is way too crowded and noisy to enjoy your own party. The food is upscale Greek, not authentic. Appetizers are very good but the mains are mediocre. Specials were the same all 3 times I dined there, months apart. How special is that? Wine list is largely comprised of Greek wines. I know it's a Greek restaurant, but really?! Greek wines? Yecchh! BYO - $25 corkage, nothing waived even when the winemaker is in attendance sharing fine wines with the owner of the establishment.

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                    I agree with nanette90278

                    La sosta enoteca, Gina Lee's, and Japonica are sadly one of the few good spots in the beach cities.

                    Bora Bora is great for the south bay, average for LA. i wouldnt consider any of those festive except bora bora.