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Oct 17, 2007 11:01 PM

Heidi's- Woodman's new resto in MSP

I saw that Heidi's in the former Pane Vino Dolce space was open for a Private Party tonight. Any CHs had a taste yet?

I like Blackbird a lot and I am worried that they may get overlooked by the Woodman (much deserved) hype. Will the neighborhood be able to adequatley support two new chef driven joints that close to one another (they share a common wall)?

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  1. Of course you know Stewart Woodman is the chef . . . .

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      If there is a neighborhood that will support 2 nearby small chef-driven restaurants, it's that area. The area demographics are amazing. Grab a map and look @ the area within a one mile radius of 50th and Aldrich. It's thick with the wealthy, liberal and highly educated...just the type of folks who want great chef-driven unique dining establishments in their neighborhood. A reliable source told me that according to a demographic study that 18% of residents within a mile of that intersection posess a PhD. It's a goldmine.

      What else is on that there a coffee house?

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        Blackbird is in the former home of a Caribou. There is also the Malt shop next door, but that is aiming at a different market and is pretty hit and miss in regards to quality.

        And yes, I have known that Woodman has been planning to take the joint over for months. It's been kinfd of hard to miss if you read much on food in the TC.

    2. word on the street is that they are open & taking reservations.

      1. For what it's worth, Rick Nelson gave a glowing review to Heidi's:

        2903 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

        1. We went to Heidi's on Halloween.

          The first thing we noticed was that the wine was served at the right temperature. This is to say that the red we chose was chilled slightly and wasn't room temperature. A wine that is to cold will warm up over time there is no fix (except perhaps ice from your water) for an overly warm wine.

          I had Beet Variation #13. If you had told me I would eat beet sorbet on a bed of brussel sprouts and like it before halloween I would have doubted you, but it was really good.

          Darling Hubby(DH) had 'Buffalo' shrimp skewers. They shrimp were rolled in blue cheese and panko (with some sort of technical prep I just don't remember) and were served with a celery foam. DH's responce was "This is great, now All I need is a beer and a football game."

          I had the Pork tenderloin with a curry sauce and a bacon carrot pie. The pork was beautifully done and was complimented beautifully by the curry sauce which was well balanced and didn't make me feel like I had eaten a curry bomb(which had occured to us elsewhere recently). The bacon carrot pie was interesting. What really struck me about it was not the bacon or the carrots but the amazingly lovely pie crust they sat in.
          It was wonderful, a thing of beauty, I aspire to being able to make a crust like that.

          DH had the Short rib filet with the sesame spatzle. It was super tasty also (He actually let me have some of it as opposed to him keeping the shrimp to himself.)

          The service was great. The space was nice. I don't know that I personally like the wall sconces but they work in the space.

          We will be back.

          1. My friend and I went there a couple of nights ago. The service is outstanding! To begin, we were served generous portions of freshly cut bread. The buffalo shrimp were the low point of the meal. . . the coating was soggy and they were lukewarm. The blue cheese/celery foam was good. The squash soup was amazing!! It was delicious, creamy, buttery, and light. In the center were tiny cubes of roasted squash. It was garnished with delicious strips of fried sage. The seared ahi tuna appetizer was delicious too--tiny squares of ruby red seared tuna were placed on top of a couple strips of eggplant and garnished with some kind of flavored oil/vinegar sauce (I tasted wasabi) and slivers of crispy eggplant skin. Lastly, the vegetarian paradalla was good too--it had some kind of vegetable ragu on top. . .maybe root vegetables in what I think was a brown butter sauce.

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              My wife had the squash soup and absoultely loved it.

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                A friend and I ordered up 10 items. 4 apps, 4 entrees, and 2 desserts. 110 bucks. With nary a problem in sight - and once you consider they have been open less than a month, even more exciting knowing this isn't even the ceiling...probably far from it...

                The notable dishes of the evening were the crab spring rolls stuffed with a crab mousse and an excellent cilantro pesto/sauce - 5 bites for 9.00 gets you to that point where Thomas Keller strives for - leaving you wanting just one more bite...never letting your palette get tired of crab, herb, chewy spring rolls. The lollipops are another delight for 9 dollars .50. Little chicken drummies (braised? So tender to be just cooked) executed simply and deftly. Paired with dried apricots, some greens, and truffle - simple food. Yet executed good enough to be exciting, interesting, delightful.

                The favorite for myself of the night has to be the Turnip Ravioli. 6-8? raviolis on a plate filled with a wonderfully light, but full of fall, turnip puree. A wonderful complement, an acidic, smooth brown butter sauce and some pea greens. Thats it. Nothing more...nothing more is necessary. It is fall without being heavy, it is perfection without being extravagant.

                The few things that fizzled for me were the Halibut, which needed seasoning and citrus (the broth, and fish were lacking both) and the creme brulee was pasty/starchy? After having many a creme brulee, this one wasn't appealing, and was the only thing that wasn't finished. Those are both most forgivable on a day that was not only really busy, but still really early on in the life of the restaurant. I only speak of these things because it helps the kitchen get better, more refined.

                As for the service, it needs some fine tuning, but was good enough. However, I feel considering the type of food served/atmosphere I was being sold - the service could stand to be a bit more professional - I felt our server got a little too casual with us, detracting from the overall experience. Again, not a glaring issue, and one I expect to be honed as the months pass - just throwing it out there...