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Oct 17, 2007 10:52 PM

Best Place For Holiday Dinner

It is that time of the year again, just want to ask where you think is the best place to bring your family for Thanksgiving / Christmas dinner.

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  1. when I think of family I think of Green Pastures. Four Seasons also has a new restaurant called TRIO, or if your fam is more low key we once had a great christmas eve dinner at the original Salt Lick.

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    1. re: gulch

      I have found Green Pastures to be really sub par and I feel like they overcharge- especially for the holidays. Someone told me to go to Hyde Park last year for Thanksgiving and I was very disappointed.

      1. re: lazysmurf

        Two years ago we had Thanksgiving at Lucy's Boathouse on the lake and it was just fine for the 4 of us. We have also been to Threadgill's on Lamar for Turkey Day which was okay but very crowded. You will need to make reservations for both places if you don't want a lengthy wait.

        1. re: CapitalGal

          LOL I know the "game of reservation" that's why I asking this question month ahead of time :) by November is too late already, I know Four Seasons normally will book out by mid November.

    2. We are taking my in-laws to McCormick & Schmick's at the Domain. They are doing the turkey dinner for $17.95 and their normal menu will be in effect also. Which delights me, because the only thing more boring than cooking Thanksgiving dinner is eating it.

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      1. re: colander

        I am also going to McCormick and Schmicks because they are the only place I called that said that they are cooking real turkeys, so dark meat will be available as well as breast.

      2. We design go to Fogo de Chao, they only cost $35 something per person here in Austin, what I understand is the Houston one cost $70 something per for $140 + wines for $60, total of 200 some dollars for four persons eating out for Thanksgiving isn't too bad.

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        1. re: Austintt

          As it turns out, our kitchen remodel is now two weeks overdue and we have no appliances, so....

          looks like we're eating out for thanksgiving. Your idea of FDC sounded wonderful, but I just called and they'll be closed on Thanksgiving day. Bummer.

          1. re: amysuehere

            Yea...they close on turkey day, we go there on Wednesday instead. It is $38 per person, one thing so funny about FDC is the $38 per person price tag is not list anywhere not front door, not on the table, not on the menu. Overall the food is good (little on the salty side), they have 16 difference type of meats, the whole place have about 30-40 tables but only got 6 to 7 tables customers. they keep bringing difference type of meat one after another, I feel like need to force myself to eat fast (lol) after 15 mins. we already got 7 to 8 slice of meats on our plates, we just need to call it a stop by turn the card to red, ( they have a card on the table with green and red side on it, green = you want more, red = stop) service is good, the decor and layout have a very high-class feel on it. It end up just two of us, with a bottle of wine ($42, btw the price of the wine is reasonable $30-$100) plus a dessert course (it is not included in the $38) total come to $144 dollars. Will I go back?....umm, yes, but on a special day, like someone's birthday or something.

        2. Dale Rice and Rob Balon both have listed venues offering Thanksgiving dinner.

          I'm taking the wife to McCormick & Schmick because of the many seafood choices.

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          1. re: Paul Silver

            I usually agree with Rob B., but his continuing support of The Bakehouse as they slide downhill (cleanliness wise) is suspect to me. I used to love The Bakehouse, but after the last meal there where we were swarmed with little black flies, and things were just simply unclean... well, never again.

          2. Hi,

            My parents and I had Thanksgiving at the Doubletree downtown on 15th. The service, food and price were excellent - $18 for seniors and $28 otherwise. Very impressed. Not sure if they are doing buffets for Christmas - but wanted to give my two cents.