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Dinner in Philly

I live and cook in NYC and am going to Philly for a couple of days, just to hang out and get a change of scene. Can anyone give some suggestions about a good place for dinner on a Monday - not crazy expensive, not a "scene", but just interesting modern food? Thanks.

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  1. If you like tapas, Amada in Old City is very good.

    1. Tinto, Tria, Horizons and Matyson should be open Monday.

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        Estia for Greek/Seafood
        Bliss for eclectic American
        Caffe CAsta Diva for Italian (BYOB)

        1. For interesting modern food, I would recommend Snackbar. Call Chef Johnny Mac and tell him you are a fellow chef and he will not disappoint.

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            thanks to all - I've made reservations at Amada and Marigold Kitchen actually. Really looking forward to it. Thanks again for the ideas...

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              Two of the best in the city, excellent choices. I was going to suggest Marigold Kitchen so I'm glad you found it. Enjoy your two excellent meals!

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                we ate at Amada last night - 2 people, 8 plates. we ordered the house marinated olives, garlic shrimp. octopus, sepia, pernil asada, flatbread with duck, clams with chorizo, spicy potatoes, and all were very good. I would skip the flatbread if I had to do it all over. A pitcher of red sangria was a perfect complement to the meal. Total food bill was all of $72, a great value.

            2. Ansill is great it where chefs go to eat, interesting food, also audrey claire, awesome food great service.

              1. Hoizons if you want a take on modern vegetarian dishes .. excellent!

                1. For the best desserts in town, hit Tarte in the pink building on Race between 2nd and 3rd. You'll never have a better cupcake, tarte, or cookie. Teresa is amazing.

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                    Just FYI, Tartes is actually on Arch St., a block south of Race.

                  2. Try little fish in bella vista, not what people would think, very up to the minute food since new chef bought the place this january, open every day for dinner. www.littlefishphilly.com

                    1. My absolute favorite BYO in center city is Bistro La Viola. Great Northern Italian fare with white table cloths, attentive staff and a wide range of daily specials. Its a close-quartered, very chummy environment so conversation and wine sharing with your neighbors is to be expected. I've never been disappointed. Prices are very reasonable (extremely reasonable for a New Yorker) and its cash only.