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Oct 17, 2007 09:44 PM

Dinner in Philly

I live and cook in NYC and am going to Philly for a couple of days, just to hang out and get a change of scene. Can anyone give some suggestions about a good place for dinner on a Monday - not crazy expensive, not a "scene", but just interesting modern food? Thanks.

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  1. If you like tapas, Amada in Old City is very good.

    1. Tinto, Tria, Horizons and Matyson should be open Monday.

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      1. re: saturninus

        Estia for Greek/Seafood
        Bliss for eclectic American
        Caffe CAsta Diva for Italian (BYOB)

        1. For interesting modern food, I would recommend Snackbar. Call Chef Johnny Mac and tell him you are a fellow chef and he will not disappoint.

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            thanks to all - I've made reservations at Amada and Marigold Kitchen actually. Really looking forward to it. Thanks again for the ideas...

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              Two of the best in the city, excellent choices. I was going to suggest Marigold Kitchen so I'm glad you found it. Enjoy your two excellent meals!

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                we ate at Amada last night - 2 people, 8 plates. we ordered the house marinated olives, garlic shrimp. octopus, sepia, pernil asada, flatbread with duck, clams with chorizo, spicy potatoes, and all were very good. I would skip the flatbread if I had to do it all over. A pitcher of red sangria was a perfect complement to the meal. Total food bill was all of $72, a great value.

            2. Ansill is great it where chefs go to eat, interesting food, also audrey claire, awesome food great service.