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Oct 17, 2007 08:56 PM

Food/retreat ideas in/near Mass. but maybe not Boston?

Here's the story. I have a week of work next month from the west side to the east side of Massachusetts... but with one completely open date. I'll be far from home, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with that time. The foodie in me would like to do something interesting, perhaps in conjunction with something relaxing/retreaty (I'm not quite sure what that would mean).

Any suggestions? I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance (even into an adjoining state), but I don't want to spend an extravagant amount of money, and I think I'd rather not get into Boston (unless you can convince me otherwise).

I realize this is a pretty wide open request, but I'm hoping someone can come up with something fun for this foodie!

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  1. Well, based on your username, I would guess that you like Dim Sum --
    Might I recommend China Pearl in Woburn?

    There's a Boston location, but I think the consensus that I've heard is that the Woburn location is nicer -- I don't have personal experience to back that up though, and you were hoping for locations outside of Boston.

    1. If you're in western Mass, you might consider a one-day retreat at Kripalu Yoga Center in beautiful Stockbridge. They offer fish and vegetarian meals, and a range of massage & reiki therapies.

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        The massages are wonderful at Kripalu but I wouldn't expect much from the food although I haven't been there recently. Consider booking a massage or yoga class then exploring the area for a great meal.

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          Any retreat/spa places like this in the eastern half of Mass?

      2. Boston is a nice city, well worth a short visit. The food scene there is good.

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          Hey, nothing against Boston. It's just that I've been many times before, and I'm looking for a non-city experience. Of course, if need be, I might just end up there. But hoping for a handful of other ideas, like the yoga retreat center one mentioned above (thanks!).

        2. In Sheffield MA, Race Brook Lodge is gorgeous...

          On the premises is The Stagecoach Tavern:

          In Lenox there's Canyon Ranch:

          I'm not sure you want to travel to Weston VT, but the Weston Priory is lovely for a day's retreat. In the village there are several restaurants and inns. I love this place!

          1. Many of the towns in Metrowest/central Massachusetts have great conservation trails. Might I recommend you take a nice walk/hike in some of our beautiful wild spaces?

            I'm most familiar with Bolton and Acton, but there are lots to be found (and I've hiked through many of them). Great Brook Farm in Carlisle is very nice, as is the Tufts Veterinary school lands in err.. is it North Grafton or Westboro? I think Westboro.

            Some towns (Acton being one) have nice copies of their conservation trails that can be purchased at the town hall, and also many of them have photocopies of maps at the kiosk at the head of the trails free of charge.

            You could also do some letterboxing -- some of our trails provide that..

            You could go apple picking at many farms out there, and have yourself some fresh cider (see the Unpasteurized cider topic I started) and some fresh cider doughnuts too! Fall is a great time to be in New England!