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Oct 17, 2007 08:50 PM

Prime Spot - new place in Oakland -Grand Ave.

Well, 3 of us gave the place a try on Saturday night, opening night. I think we were the first real paying customers as the rest of the people in the place seemed to be friends of the family and owners. Yes, I miss Mikado, but hey life goes on. I ordered the blackened prime rib ($17.95) 11 oz. (seemed bigger), my wife ordered chicken piccada ($12.95) and my mother ordered the baby back ribs half slab ($9.75). The prime rib was very good and I would reccommend it. It was cooked prefect as ordered (medium) very tender and good spices on the blackening. Interesting blend of spices. We all tasted each others dishes. The chicken was a little slow coming out, which might be expected on opening night, so they comped a ceasar salad. The dressing definitly was house made, very light and just the right amount of garlic and anchovy. The ribs were surprisingly good and tender. I usually would not get ribs at a non rib specific place, but thats what my mother wanted. Ribs were on the sweeter side but not overly, and pulled off the bone just right. Rib meat should not "fall " off the bone. Not your typical BBQ flavor, more of an Asain influence. After we arrived more diners arrived. I noticed a few poeple looking in the window, maybe expecting a sushi place. Mikado I think has been closed for a while.To sum up, this place is definitly worth a try. I hope they can make a go of it. And if you don't like it, at least you gave it a try! Thats why we have lots of places to try! Parking can be a bit of a pain, but hey this is the Bay Area.

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  1. How were the prices?

    Also they call themselves a Bar and Grill. Anything interesting drink or beer-wise?

    Prime Spot Bar and Grill
    3417 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

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      I'm kind of curious about the place too. I heard they have a flat screen TV with their bar so not sure if they're trying to cater to Oakland A's fans.

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        Yes there is a flat screen tv at the bar. There is a full bar, and they cater to what ever sports is on. Actually one of the chefs in the back is a HUGE A's fan. They are really big on sports at the restaurant. I believe the season right now if football and basketball? If there is ever the Warriors is playing, it's on the screen.! If you happen to be a Warriors Fan, ask any of the staff they will tell you stories about Coach!

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        Yes, there is a bar area with a big screen TV. I think the people at the bar were watching football. My wife got a house Merlot. Since my mom was there and she doesn't drink and was paying for the dinner, we didn't do too much drinking. I think it is a full bar as somewhere on the wine list there were listed various mixed drinks of the type that are popular these days, Mohito, and various flavored martinis. I'm really not too much of a wine person, so I might not be the best one to ask. I enjoy food mostly without drinks, not that I have anything againt it, just a personal pref. Check out the food, like to see what others thought.

      3. excellent, a new place to try...and only a 5 min drive away from my place. Thanks for the heads up.