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Oct 17, 2007 08:38 PM

Marrying a non-Chowhound

Sigh. He's perfect, except that his favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory, he won't keep fish sauce in the house, and he's convinced all small restaurants have dirty kitchens. I thought it was a matter of exposure but alas, it runs pretty deep - he wants to know what his food will taste like before he eats it. Anyone out there share my pain, or even better, does anyone have the secret to my conundrum?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try to introduce different dishes at home. Perhaps,it will take him time to experiment with different cuisines and tastes. Buy a cookbook that you like to use and let him look through it and circle some dishes he would like to try. In the "safety" of your home kitchen you can slowly bring out the "chowhound" in him. If not, there are good chains you can visit-plenty on the menu at Cheesesteak Factory-and be content that he is "perfect" in other ways.

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        foodseek has the right idea. My husband isn't particulalry afraid of food, but he has a tendency not to like new flavors, especially ones that are, well, flavorful. He grew up on white bread, for example, and for years complained that he didn't like whole grain because he didn't want any taste in his bread conflicting with the taste of meat on his sandwich. it took me about 6 years to convert him away from white bread.

        He claimed to not like Indian or Thai food for years. Now he gladly eats both, also malaysian and burmese. occasionally he tries a new dish at our regular places.

        cooking at home is a good way to make headway. introduce new flavors there. also, use the cheesecake factory to your advantage--order one of their ethnic-like dishes and have him taste. Then you can suggest a similar dish at a new restaurant.

        1. I would make sure to have a lot of foodie friends.

          1. time patience and love. you anticipate a lifetime together, don't rush it.