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A great sushi place in San Diego for a large group?

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I'm looking for a sushi place in San Diego that can easily accommodate large parties, preferably something with a lively crowd and great atmosphere for a birthday party. Any ideas?

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  1. For a fun birthday party, you should consider Sushi on a roll (SOAR). it's actually a rental sushi bar. We have thrown a couple birthday parties there. Good food, in super nice space. http://www.sushionaroll.signonsandieg...

    Click on the SOARbar tab

    1. Hands down, Sushi Ota, but make a reservation early, they fill up quickly. Izakaya Sakura has GREAT sushi, but they are quiet establishment, Sushi Ota would be better for a party.


      1. Ono Sushi in Hillcrest would fit the bill. It is always lively there, and they have a private room in the back for large parties.

        1. Zenbu in La Jolla has a lounge that is dialed in and has been rented for private parties..


          1. Cafe Japengo can easily fit a large crowd, has decent sushi and definitely lively atmosphere.
            Sushi on the Rock also fits the bill.

            1. we had a company happy hour on the patio at Cafe Japengo...it was awesome but i did not see the bill. there were 40 or so people there.

              1. I would probably not recommend Sushi Ota for a party just because it is small and located in a very un-atmospheric setting. I was actually disappointed in the sushi the one time I ate there, but I had very high expectations. It was no better than Ono or Japengo in my estimation, and I would recommend either those two or Zenbu for a party. In fact, a friend of mine just threw a party this past Friday at Zenbu. I was out of town and could not go, but she has good taste and I imagine she scouted it quite thoroughly.

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                  True, good point. Ota is a bit on the small side.